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Review: Grumpy’s Private Reserve Bar-B-Que Sauce, Not So Bold


Posted October 26, 2007 by

Hello HSB, in the midst of all this controversy surrounding makers doing reviews I thought I would further support my argument by submitting yet another awesome and totally unbiased completely impartial review. Today’s sampling is Grumpy’s BBQ sauce; Not So Bold flavor.

Grumpy's BBQ Sauce
Initial Impression: The jar I received to sample is pre-label change. The sauce is contained in a standard barrel jar and is wrapped with a fancy die cut label. This sauce looks like it has been in grocery stores forever. There is a label over the ingredients declaration. Hmm? Let’s peel it off and see what happens.

Ingredients: Brown sugar, water, tomato paste (tomatoes), apple cider vinegar (diluted with water up to 5% acidity), yellow prepared mustard (vinegar ,mustard seed, salt, turmeric and spices), liquid smoke (purified natural liquid smoke, water), hot sauce (peppers, vinegar, salt),honey, black pepper, spices, kosher salt, oriental hot mustard (mustard, turmeric), cayenne pepper.

The ingredient list is really nice and clean. There are no preservatives or artificial anything. I did peel off the ingredient label that covers the original declaration. It looks like the type of liquid smoke has been changed and that’s it, no nefarious goings on here!

Appearance: This is one rich, thick, and sexy sauce. It is reddish brown sauce and there are sparse but definite pieces of herbs and spices floating around. The consistency of this barbecue sauce lends it to many applications. It was super thick and brushes on and sticks to your meat nicely. It also makes a great dipping sauce since it won’t drip off of whatever you’re ‘queuing.

Aroma: Mouthwatering. I’m not sure what else to say. I popped the cap and took a whiff. It made my mouth water like crazy. Now that I calmed down I can tell you that this sauce has definite layers of aroma. At first you get a sweet tomatoey perfume, next the vinegar pops you in the nostrils and makes your mouth water. The velvety smokiness comes in for the finish and practically hypnotizes you.

Sweet, tangy, and smoky with emphasis on sweet. This could be a dessert sauce. Tasting it from the jar it has a definite tangy fruity flavor. There are some larger pieces of peppercorn in it. Like magic they appear in your mouth and add yet another layer of flavor. The pepper is pronounced but not overpowering or out of balance. I detect the ever so slightest zest, but not what I would call spicy. Not so bold is definitely the right designation for this flavor.

The Food Test: Since we were having some nice weather I decided to fire up the grill and throw some yard stroller on it. Well not the whole bird just some leg and thigh sections. I gave it a quick rub down with poultry spice and barbecue rub and fired away. Once the chicken was done I brushed the Grumpy’s on them. Since there is such a high sugar content I didn’t apply it until the last few minutes. The Grumpy’s takes well to heat and the caramelization of the sugars rounds out all of the flavors.

Conclusion: Grumpy’s Private Reserve Bar-B-Q Grumpy’s Private Reserve Bar-B-Que Sauce Not So Bold is ue Sauce Not So Bold is a thick and rich Kansas City style barbecue sauce. It has layers of flavor that include mustard, black pepper, and smoke. Not So Bold has very little detectable heat so it would be perfect for those in your family that prefer you don’t singe off their eyebrows. A Chile-head may require the addition of some heat or an upgrade to a spicier flavor of Grumpy’s. Overall Grumpy’s Private Reserve Bar-B-Que Sauce Not So Bold is a fine example of how a KC Style BBQ Sauce should taste.

Packaging 8/10 ““ Fancy Die Cut Label
Aroma 9/10 ““ Overpowering
Appearance 8/10 ““ Thick, Rich, Sexy
Taste 8/10 ““ Layered Flavors
Heat 2/10 ““ Barely Detectable.

Overall 8/10 ““ How a KC Style BBQ Sauce should taste.

Grumpy’s Foods
5183 East 126th Court
Thornton, Colorado 80241

Ron Levi




    “Since we were having some nice weather I decided to fire up the grill and throw some -yard stroller- on it.”

    Man, when I first read this sentence I had some really bad visuals. Then I realized, you were talking about chickens.


    Great review Ron! It is spot on!

    All of Grumpy’s sauces that I have tried are excellent!

    the truth


    Great sauce great guy!!!Best dam bbq sauce period!!!


    or at least best sauce you have ever tried. us rednecks from GA make a mean bbq sauce also.

    if you are ever in north GA, eat at Col. Poole’s

    you may think twice bout the best bbq sauce statement.


    Hello HSB, in the midst of all this controversy surrounding makers doing reviews

    It is rather like leaving the fox to guard the hen-house…….


    [Comment ID #114994 Quote]

    Geez Willard, Did you miss the Sunshine Chilli Atomic thread?


    GRUMPY!!!!!!! One of my all time favorite BBQ sauces and all time favorite guy! Can’t wait to see you in NM Jeff!


    I have to get on the Blog more often then I do. Boy that old label brings back memories. If you want a newer bottle of sauce to try let me know. But I can’t argue with the review. EVERYBODY. GO ROCKIES. Down 3 nothing they need everyone to put on their rally caps.


    [Comment ID #115062 Quote]

    I’m gonna have to get a hold of one of the spicier versions. If the mild is that good, the spicy has got to be ridiculous!


    Well, to me this is the BEST BBQ sauce around…. and yes, thats coming from a manufact. that makes BBQ sauce, so I hope that speaks volumes to all you bloggers that have NOT tried this sauce… what are you waiting for… its sooooooo YUMMY 🙂


    [Comment ID #114994 Quote]

    Whatever! Any MFG who does reviews on this site and is at all biased or gives out bad reviews for the purpose of hurting their competition should of course be removed as a reviewer. I have never heard of or seen this happen. I as a MFG and a reviewer am insulted by your lame comment that suggests that MFGs doing reviews here are up to no good.


    [Comment ID #115204 Quote]

    Good point Gildo. Everyone has their opinion on “if a manufacturer should do reviews or not”, and some do. Luckily they do seem to be fair, and not intentionally “hurt” the competition.

    if comments are any idea of HSB being fair, I see many “positive” comments (above) from manufacturers about how good Grumpy’s sauce is.


    I find no ill will from anybody on this Blog. Just people who enjoy quality products. If some one gets a bad review. Take it for what it is worth. somebodies opinion. It’s up to the consumer to decide if the review was correct. And to the MFG. hey, if it’s broke fix it. Congrats to all the Red Sox Nation. Watch out for the Rockies next year.

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