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Review: Grumpy’s Private Reserve Bold XX Bar-B-Que Sauce


Posted November 6, 2006 by

Grumpy's Private Reserve Bold XX BBQ Sauce

Award Winning BOLD XX: This is Grumpy’s original sauce. This sauce has a bit of a bite to it. Sweet up front with a spicy follow through. Bold XX is a well balanced sauce, that goes well with everything from French fries to shrimp and scallops.

Ingredients: Brown sugar, water, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, hot sauce, liquid smoke, black pepper, cayenne pepper, spices, kosher salt, oriental hot mustard.

Bold XX is the flagship Private Reserve BBQ Sauce from the crew at Grumpy’s, followed closely by the Not So Bold & Good Night Loving versions. Grumpy’s come highly recommended by several chileheads, including Lisa of the Three Hot Tamales who dragged me over to the Grumpy’s booth at Zest Fest. That shows you how good Grumpy’s BBQ is, when other vendors are dragging folks to the booth to sample it.

Actual BBQing is impossible here in NYC but I came up with the closest thing I could – burgers. Specifically, turkey burgers – which if you’ve ever had, you’ll know they need a lot of help in the seasoning department. I made my turkey burgers stuffed with jalapeno peppers, cayenne peppers & gorgonzola cheese but yet they still lacked in flavor. That’s where the Grumpy’s Bold XX came in.

Grumpy's Private Reserve Bold XX BBQ Sauce
I covered my entire burger in the sauce (as you can see) and still found myself taking samples (swigs) out of the bottle. With brown sugar as the #1 ingredient, the sweetness of the sauce hits you first but that’s quickly backed up by the bold flavor of hot sauce and smoke. I would not by any means classify this as a sweet BBQ sauce – it’s much more of an all-around performer.

The heat is minimal, but has more of a presence then in the Not So Bold sauce – it’s just enough to make you mouth water for more.

I can just imagine how good this sauce would taste on some BBQed chicken fresh off the grill. In fact, the thought is so compelling, I’m going to make sure I bring a jar of this to the next BBQ we go to – just to test it out. If you’ve got a grill of your own, do yourself & your friends a favor by picking up a few jars of Grumpy’s before you BBQ. Be sure to tell Grumpy that the HSB sent you!

Grumpy’s BBQ
5183 East 126th Court
Thornton, Colorado 80241

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog



    Let me be the first to say this stuff is GREAT! We (THT) met Grumpy back in March at the Fiery Foods show and had the pleasure of seeing him again in Texas. Not only are ALL of his sauces great, he is a great guy as well. Go Grumpy!!!! Great review!


    I agree with Kristi! This sauce is amazing! And Grumpy is one of the nicest guys! Can’t wait to see you again Grumpy in NM in March! GRUMPY!


    Although you will all find this hard to believe, Im the one (out of the three) who is the most finiky when it comes to hot sauce, bbq sauce and so on…

    This is a staple at my house and our table is graced with its presence at almost every meal.

    Grumpy has achieved perfection with this sauce all around, color, texture, flavor… its just the best!! and Grumpys not so bad himself xoxoxo love ya man….cant wait to be neighbors again in NM

    the truth

    Big fan of Jeff..One of the best bbq sauces that i have tryed.Good luck my friend cant wait to see you in New Mexico


    [Comment ID #67396 Quote]

    Mr truth my name is Leroy.Mr bret ask me to ask you if you could call him Tuesday at JJ’s.


    [Comment ID #67398 Quote]

    Just spoke to cajohn, they are waiting for you still

    He said you have mail also


    [Comment ID #67401 Quote]

    now were is he. All the food in them Denny places taste the same


    [Comment ID #67419 Quote]

    OK, just called him again… they had to leave Denny’s. John is waiting for you by the road kill.


    [Comment ID #67422 Quote]

    OK I know where that is.


    That sounds and looks excellent.


    I ordered the Bold XX, I used it on my ribs (applied the last 45 min of 6 hrs of smoking) applied more with meal….. I now have a new favorite BBQ sauce… hands down. Excellent.. with a touch of kick at the end of each bite.

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