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Review: Tony Legner’s Habanero Premium Steak Sauce


Posted April 21, 2008 by

Tony Legner's Habanero Premium Steak Sauce
Tony Legner’s Habanero Premium Steak Sauce: $8 a bottle
A new release at the 2008 Fiery Foods Show – this sauce was so hot off the press at show time that Tony had not yet even announced the line up. Hopefully those that attended managed to give it a whirl and grab yourself a bottle. Tony’s Cat-5 Food Polish is still one of my favorite dusts for a bland dish and knowing that Tony’s restaurant is as successful as it is, I was more then willing to give his new sauce a try.

Tony Legner's Habanero Premium Steak Sauce
Up Close
Looking at the sauce, it’s doesn’t look like any steak sauce I’ve ever seen before. The appearance is almost a translucent brown with flakes of ingredients running throughout.

Tony Legner's Habanero Premium Steak Sauce
Smell: It smells like a steak – not a steak sauce, but like the little sauce that drips off a steak after you cook it. To put it bluntly, the smell of this sauce is drool inducing.

Tony Legner's Habanero Premium Steak Sauce
Perfect for a t-bone
Tony Legner's Habanero Premium Steak Sauce
Tony Legner's Habanero Premium Steak Sauce
Steak was the only way I could foresee trying this sauce out on, given the name, at least to start. I cooked up a mean t-bone and went to town. The sauce does have a bit of a heat tickle to it which is surprising given that the smell does not alert ones senses to the presence of the habanero. Coating the steak nicely, the consistency of the sauce is a bit thinner then a typical steak sauce (like A1). The flavor though, is out of this world. With a sauce this tasty, you could make anything taste gourmet.

The sauce by itself is ever so slightly sweet, with the undertones of spice and a hint of mushroom. On the steak itself, it’s like the sauce draws out the already great flavors of the steak. the Ex & I went through almost half the bottle with this one steak and I tried it out the other night on burgers – fantastic! If you’ve got any sort of plans to grill this summer, do yourself a favor and get yourself a few bottles of Tony’s steak sauce – you won’t be disappointed.

Tony Legner’s Culinary Productions
1003 East Concho Street
Rockport, Texas 78382

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog



    Just ordered some of this sauce and the dust from his site. The shipping charges are over priced…but considering I NEED a new steak sauce and this review was mouth-watering, I bit and got a couple bottles.
    Nice seeing something new get a great review.


    I love this stuff. If you heat it first in a sauce pan it really brings out more flavor. Personally I love mushrooms so I saute some mushrooms in butter then, before they are done, I dump a generous amount of Tony’s Steak sauce in and let it thicken a little. If you think it is good over steak try the heat and thicken method and dump over your mashed potatoes intead of gravy.

    What no ingredient list? LOL. The list of ingredients is a mile long. I usually don’t use steak sauce, with two exceptions this one and THT Toxic Tonic.


    Awesome mouthwatering pics! I had a sample at the FFS, its good stuff. I am not much of a steak lover only on a rare ocassion, (pun intended), but Sam’s mushroom idea has me drooling. Well I usually drool anyway, but it does sound like a great idea I will have to try.


    I have to agree, the mushroom and butter idea is making me rethink dinner tonight altogether. Perfect with a steak hot off the grill!

    The truth

    [Comment ID #135562 Quote]

    ummm Toxic is the best on a nice bit fat steak.. Sam if you are into clams on the half shell you have to try a dash of toxic in the center of a clam.With the combination of the clam juice and the toxic just incredible


    Great pics, I just cant bring myself to put anything on my steaks at dinner. I will use the sauce on a breakfast steak though.


    Nice review Nick…make us all hungry. Keep up the great work Tony!


    Thank you for the review Nick and also the nice comments, commentors. This sauce was originally made as a demi glaze at a country club I once ran. The steak was pan seared and the ingredients added to the pan to deglaze the pan and pick up the steak juices. Many customers asked me back in the 90’s if I would bottle it. To busy playing golf and having fun, not to mention no hotsauceblog. It is also good on breakfast tacos, Pork, Chicken, and a good baste for Ribs.


    I may have to give this a shot sometime. I’ve yet to find anything I like more than Tiger Sauce and A-1.

    the truth

    A-1 ???? rookie


    Great post Nick…other than the fact that I forgot my lunch and have to look at the pictures of that delicious t-bone covered in Mr. Legner’s sauce.



    eat some paper. LOL

    awesome pics & information.


    Where’s the ingredient list? It’s not listed on the site either. I wonder, since Tony says it was originally to deglaze the pan, so it originally had beef in it. Does it still?

    the truth



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    Ok butt were are we going..
    HeHe I said butt on HSB OMG


    The[Comment ID #136129 Quote]

    They did not like it when I commented on this BLOG going to the dogs, and it was lacking all the interest it had 2 years ago.

    The Forum doesn’t have this much of interest.

    the truth

    What is going on with the same post up there day after day..Do we need more reviewer? I can remember a time where we had 2 or 3 a day up here. I know that you are very busy with Planting,work,laura….
    But dam Nick. Is there anything waiting in the wings?


    [Comment ID #136247 Quote]

    So are you volunteering your services, or just wanting to bitch? All it takes is to step up to the plate bro. Submit something and contribute if you want more than you’re getting.

    Would love to see a review from you truth, I’m sure it would be an interesting read.

    the truth

    Nope just here to bitch…….. You know me… And yea it would be a interesting read

    the truth

    Want to see a review DK…


    Check it out

    the truth

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    here your review DK

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