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Review: Uncle Dougie’s “World’s Most Dangerous” Barbecue Sauce


Posted September 10, 2005 by

Front Label:

Uncle Dougie’s “World’s Most Dangerous” Barbecue Sauce
All Natural No Preservatives


Tomato paste made from red, ripe tomatoes, red peppers, peppers, malt vinegar, vinegar, pure honey, salt, water, garlic, onion, natural spices and seasonings, brown sugar, xanthan gum, natural maple flavor, natural hickory smoke flavor.



Back label:
By experimenting on close friends and having a large supply of cold libations, it happened once again folks. I’ve developed the most incredible barbecue sauce you’ll ever eat! Uncle Dougie’s “World’s Most Dangerous” Barbecue Sauce has that special “kick” and taste sensation our fans have grown to love. But as we like to say, bre creative!… Try dipping your fries, coating your dog, and smothering your burger with Dougie’s. UseUncle Dougie’s for all your barbecue needs – we’re sure you will be satisfied.

For abarbecueexperience that will leave your taste buds screaming for more, marinade with Uncle Dougie’s “Chicago-style” chicken wing marinade before you barbecue. Now you’re cookin’!

For testing purposes, I decided to use this sauce on some chicken legs on the grill.

Uncle Dougie’s BBQ sauce comes in a hefty 18 oz clear bottle. The label is red and features a bevy of cartoon pigs and cows. There’s even a fire-breathing chicken on the front, and a miniature character of “Uncle Dougie” on the back. Clearly this label is intended to be lighthearted and fun.

Color: Redish brown, with clearly visible seasonings.

Mmmm, that’s the stuff. A deeply rich and smoky aroma that instantly made my mouth water. It has that certain something that shouts out “Barbecue!” Ok, now I’m getting hungry…

Thick and slow movin’, as expected. Placed on a spoon and tilted, this sauce wasn’t going anywhere fast. I do a lot of grilling, using rubs, sauces, and marinades. One of my pet peeves is a watery BBQ sauce that requires about a million coats to amount to anything. Looks like I won’t have any of those sorts of problems with Uncle Dougie’s.

The looks and smell weren’t deceiving, this is a thick, sweet, smooth, and smokey sauce. I quickly ate 4 or 5 teaspoons full of the stuff before forcing myself to stop.

Amidst the smooth base are chunks of vegetables – onions, peppers, and the like. Not chunky or crunchy, but still definitely there and noticable, these little bits seem to be bringing a lot of flavor to the party.

Taken straight up, Uncle Dougie’s heat comes on pleasant and slow. Although the label touts the sauce as being the “World’s Most Dangerous”, the only thing truly dangerous about Uncle Dougie’s is that you may eat it all up straight from the bottle before you have a chance to use it on your food. It should be noted that the heat seemed to mellow on the grilled chicken legs that we prepared…so much so that we added extra sauce on our plates for dipping. On a heat scale of 1 to 10, I give Uncle Dougie’s a 3.

Overall Impressions:
After her first bite of chicken basted with Uncle Dougie’s, my wife said “this is a sauce that doesn’t lay down.” Uncle Dougie’s sauce is at once familiar and different. At it’s core there’s the typical BBQ flavor – smokey and sweet. However Dougie’s seemed more…rich, more smooth, more…refined. The spicy heat of the peppers lends an almost addicitve quality to the paste. I think this sauce would go splendidly on buffalo-style wings, bringing them to a heat level just to the other side of mild, with a much more complex flavor than the traditional vinegar, pepper, and garlic blend. Two thumbs up for Dougie from my wife and I. This one’s a winner.




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