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Review: Weekend Warrior BBQ Tools


Posted May 5, 2008 by

BBQ Tools

Weekend Warrior Meat Grilling Thermometers

Leave-in thermometers indicate when food is cooked to taste. Set of 4 includes 2 beef, 1 poultry and 1 pork thermometer. Glow-in-the-dark dial accents make thermometers easy to read during nighttime grilling. Stainless steel construction is safe for grill or oven use.

BBQ Tools

Weekend Warrior Digital Fork Thermometer

Measures temperature ranges from 0°F to 220°F or -18°C to 104°C. Ideal for grill, oven or stovetop use. Bright blue LCD backlight is easy to read in the dark. Display hold feature. On/Off switch and auto shut off to extend battery life. Rubberized comfort grip handle with convenient temperature guide printed on back. Stainless steel tines. Operates on 1 AAA battery (not included).

the Ex & I got back into TX Sunday morning (1am) and promptly crashed – but when we finally started to wake up and move around the house, I was excited to see that a package had arrived with a bunch of BBQ tools to try out. I decided to do something that would require very little energy, but would also put these gadgets to the test, so off to the market to pick up a boston butt I went.

BBQ Tools

BBQ Tools
To me, the thermometer is a little on the short side – but it’s very sturdy and clear to read – all very important since it’s going to be smoked for 8 hours.

BBQ Tools

BBQ Tools
No special recipe for the pork butt – I went with it because I’m planning on using the meat to make carnitas for Cinco de Mayo today – and I was still jet lagged. Simply salt and pepper on the butt – with beer in the tray underneath it. The fire was set up with hardwood and left over hickory chunks. Set the fire to 225 and forget it until dinner time.

BBQ Tools

BBQ Tools

6 hours later and the little thermometer is showing that the pork butt is done – so I also double checked with the fork – both read over 170 – though there was some variation between the two. But all signs point to done, so we pulled it off the grill.

BBQ Tools
I will definitely be using the thermometers again – but like a lot of BBQ fanatics, I have issues with the fork. I just don’t want to be jabbing a ton of holes in my meat and letting out all the juices. However, I can see how it’s useful for a quick temp test – and it does double as a tool to help you lift things off the grill. Both tools are excellent for the weekend grill master, it just all depends on how you use them.

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Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog



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    Looks great Nick, what product did you use to give it that delicious look?


    I just Que’d a shoulder this weekend as well. I prefer the thermometer with the remote pager. You never have to open the smoker to see the temp and you don’t have to keep pokin’ it either. Great review though!


    [Comment ID #137892 Quote]

    Evidently it was Morton & McCormick accordinly.


    [Comment ID #137916 Quote]

    I love the remote thermometers. Hell, we even have a couple for the turkey fryers.


    [Comment ID #137916 Quote] Have to agree with that one. Best $34.00 I’ve ever spent.
    Hey Nick- nice butt!!


    That meat thermometer says pork well….um, there could be a joke here. I like the idea of the remote thermometer with a pager.


    I love how your thumb print cooked onto the thermometer’s glass

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