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Reviewing: Big Daddy Jake’s Pappo’s High in the Saddle BBQ Sauce


Posted September 26, 2005 by

BDJ's Pappo's High in the Saddle BBQ Sauce
Ingredients: sweet onions, ketchup, worcestershire sauce, brewed chicory coffee, cider vinegar, light brown sugar, yellow mustard, chili powder, garlic, smoked hot sauce, sea salt

Appearance: A nice, deep red color, with diced onion and garlic visible.

Consistency: A little runny, though it firms up a little on the grill.

BDJ's Pappo's High in the Saddle BBQ Sauce
Smell: A nice garlicky-spice smell, hits you first, quickly balanced by a less-sweet coffee smell.

BDJ's Pappo's High in the Saddle BBQ Sauce
Taste: This sauce is really good! I tried this on a couple of chicken breasts. I really enjoyed the melding of the flavors in this sauce. The onion, brown sugar, and garlic work very well together here, and the chicory coffee adds a dynamic I don’t think I’ve ever found in a BBQ sauce before. The coffee serves to even the sweetness of the sugar and the onion quite nicely! The sauce has a bit of spice, but personally I prefer a bit more. I ended up adding a bit of El Yucateo habanero sauce to it, just to give it a little extra boost.

Conclusion: A very nice sauce! I would prefer a thicker sauce to start (this one seemed a bit runny for basting on the grill), but overall the balance of flavors was really good!

4.0 out of 5




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