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Smoke Master BBQ Sauce – Original Sweet Recipe


Posted January 30, 2006 by

SmokeMaster Sweet BBQ SauceWHOAH! First non-hot sauce review for me.

Bottle Description: None

Ingredients: tomato concentrate made from red ripe tomatoes, apple vinegar, corn syrup, soybean oil, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, spice, water, brown sugar, molasses, mustard flour, xanthan, natural flavoring.

Container: Tall thick bottle. Design very akin to the feel of a BBQ setting. I look at the label and I think….”Damn I need some ribs.”

Appearance: It has a lighter brown color than mostBBQ sauces (not dark brown). You can see the pepper specks.

Smell: Good stuff. This sauce has a thick sweetness like molasses but is complimented by the smell of black pepper. Aromatic and spicy.

Consistency: Get some reading material, after all itsBBQ sauce of course it’s going to pour slowly.

Taste: The first taste is under whelming. You can’t really taste much. It’s sweet and that’s all you can really taste. Mosey on down to Field Test if you really want to know how it tastes.

Heat: 0/0 (Not applicable) Awwww it’s ok I know you’re disappointed but hey its BBQ sauce. And it’s an original sweet recipe so buck up soldier.

SmokeMaster Sweet BBQ Sauce
Field Test: Cold BBQ sauce from the jar straight from the fridge is never good. The real “essence, soul, life….uh CHI!” of BBQ sauce is its association with other foods. Smoke Master’s Original Sweet Recipe delivers when you bring it to the table. I cooked up some pork chops that were in the fridge. I only added salt so I could get a good control of what the BBQ sauce tastes like. It is mostly sweet but each bite yields the gustatory satisfaction of a smoky sensation and just enough black pepper to give this sauce some spice.

Final Word: It’s such a solid sauce that if you’re so inclined, pick yourself a bottle. It’ll probably be your all around BBQ sauce. Give your stomach and mouth a day reprieve from that Blair’s you’ve got there.

7.2/10 Nice and solid.

Smoke Master Barbeque
12311 Confederate Dr. West
Glen St. Mary, FL 32040

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    Looking awesome! It seems quite tempting…..would surely like to taste it.


    I reviewed the Roasted Onion and Pepper Sauce. It was really good!!! Glad to see they are consistent.



    Food Network, 10PM Eastern, The Secret Life of…”Fiery Foods” (2006)


    I think it’s a repeat from last year, but for those that don’t catch it tonight it’s on again: Tue 1/31 2:00 AM & Sat 2/4 3:00 PM (Both Eastern) – Hooray for TiVo!

    Brent Baden

    Have you ever tried the smoke master hot and spicy? This is great!
    I found it on a trip and I can’t find it where I live. I have tried the web site and it always seems to be down. Where can I get some more of this.

    Thanks, Brent

    Harold R. Holloway

    Unable to find your product in Sam’s Club Daytona ???
    I purchased it there several times now I can’t find it ???

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