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Review: Smokin’ Joe Jones BBQ Sauce


Posted May 19, 2005 by

Smokin Joe Jones BBQ Sauce Smokin’ Joe Jones produces his unique meat and barbeque sauce from a secret family recipe over sixty years old. Born and raised in Yazoo City, Mississippi, Smokin’ Joe learned many down home folk recipes from his grandmother, a full-blooded Choctaw Native American. Smokin’ Joe uses lots of garlic, wild honey, lemon and other healthy and flavorful ingredients.

As announced previously on Hot Sauce Blog (press release can be seen here), Ron Levi and the crew at Innuendo Enterprises have begun delivering Smokin’ Joe Jones BBQ Sauces to gourmet foodies everywhere. Ron sent me a sample last week to review here on Hot Sauce Blog.

I spent some time thinking about what I was going to try this out on and finally settled on Ron’s suggestion of a slow cooked pork roast. The wife and I ventured to WholeFoods on Saturday afternoon, planning to gather groceries for the week, before the crowds hit the store. If your in Midtown Manhattan, you know not to go to WholeFoods Saturday or Sunday evening, the store is packed! I’m talking lines longer then the Star Wars first showing lines. But if I was single I’d probably go there to pick up women (WholeFoods, not Star Wars).

Anyways, the butcher did not have the cut of pork that I was looking for, so I had to quickly re-group and come up with another equally tasty dish to taste test Smokin Joe Jone’s Blazin BBQ Sauce with. Remembering what I had read on the back of the sauce label, I ventured to to the seafood section and picked out two large salmon steaks. Now, the wife hates anything fishy, so when she saw the salmon steaks, her nose scrunched up and the complaints started flowing. Before we had even left the store mind you. But I told her to relax, I would take care of everything and make sure nothing was “fishy” in the house.

So Sunday. Day of rest for most. Day of cooking experiments for me. I love Sundays. Saturdays are usually spent recovering from the week, so Sundays are spent puttering around, taking the dogs to the park and playing in the kitchen to prepare Sunday’s dinner. I began preparing our salmon feast around 4 o’clock, giving myself ample time to work. On the menu:

Salmon Steaks brushed with Smokin’ Joe Jones BBQ Sauce
Asparagus – Tossed in fresh cracked pepper, sel gris and a little olive oil.
Garlic French Bread

Raw Salmon Steaks
With a little creativity and garlic, tasty steaks prevail. I left the skin on the steak while they were cooking (to maintain moisture) and removed the skins about 2 minutes before taking the steaks out of the oven. I coated the steaks with the Blazin’ BBQ Sauce and placed a good amount of garlic in the center of each steak.
BBQ Salmon Steaks

Dave’s Gourmet). Every 15 mintues or so, I would brush the salmon with a fresh coating of the BBQ Sauce.

I then grilled the asparagus and after about an hour, both the salmon and the asparagus were finished.

BBQ Salmon Steaks

I have to say, when I first chose the salmon steaks, I had little faith in my ability to make something good out of them, but I rocked those steaks. Or I should say, Smokin’ Joe Jones BBQ Sauce helped me rock the steaks. The flavor of the BBQ Sauce was strong, but did not overpower the meal. I would definatly recommend Smokin’ Joe Jone’s BBQ Sauce to any BBQ fan. You can get yourself a jar from the Rojo Website.

As a general rule, I consider any BBQ sauce that comes in a jar to be a notch above the rest. To me it just says “We don’t waste time on fancy packaging, we’re good enough without it” – which I find to be true 9 times out of 10.

One note: We tried the Blazin’ Heat BBQ Sauce – which is supposed to be the hotter version. It was a little spicy, but most BBQ sauces are. I would like to see Smokin’ Joes come out with a sauce with just a bit more bite. Maybe Ron can throw in some Gone Rabid Hot Sauce into the mix to kick things up a notch.

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog



    Thanks for giving our sauce a try. You found the best way to convert fish-haters. SJJ Mississippi BBQ Sauce is also great on tuna, shark, halibut and any game fish. Keep looking for that pork shoulder or butt for your slow-cooker. About 1/2 jar poured over the meat, low setting for 6-7 hours, and dive in!! Thanks again for including us among your selections.



    Dave Rosenberger

    HI there. Love your sauce.Picked up a 32oz. bottle at costco, Temecula, Ca. and was wondering where else I can pick it up on the street. Costco wasn’t carring at the time. Thank You Dave


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    thank you, mitch @ All Spiced Up!


    You grilled the asparagus for an hour?!?

    Dude, your veggies are so way way over cooked -as you cant ell from the pic…undercook asparagus, leave some crispness in it…Grill it for 15-20 minutes and you good…Trust me…


    [Comment ID #42081 Quote]

    Ummm no, it says “I then grilled the asparagus and after about an hour, both the salmon and asparagus were done”

    Asparagus was only grilled for 15 minutes – just enough to get the good grill marks.

    Dave Rosenberger

    I live in Sun City Cal. 92586. Can you tell me where the closest retailer of your Bar-B- Que sauce is. Thank you Dave Rosenberger 26321 Foxgrove Rd. Sun City Cal.

    reggies barber shop

    what’s up joe senior your son gets his hair cut at my shop. i do some queing on the side but i havn’t had the erge or motovation with out my sauce. where can i get the blazing sauce at.


    This is Robert from Smokin Joe Jones BBQ Sauce. Recently there has been an influx of requests on where to get our sauces. The best and quickest way to get the sauces is directly from our website at http://www.smokinjoejones.com
    you can also use the store locater but not all of the stores always have our sauces in stock. We also now have a No Sugar/Low-Carb sauce and be sure to try our new 100% USDA Choice Sirloin BBQ Beef Jerky

    Karen Andrews

    When and if so will you be doing your roadshow at Costco again in San Diego, need 3 or 4more gallons! Yes I said gallons! LOVE YOUR SAUCE THANKS K

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