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Three Hot Tamales: Smokin Chipotle BBQ Sauce


Posted March 21, 2006 by

Everyone: This is Mad’s first review for the HSB, so please give him a warm welcome. Great stuff Mad! ~ Nick

Well after a hard day drinking beer and being dragged to Sears to buy a microwave ($59.00 – not bad), I decided to do some serious cooking. The first thing I was dying to try was the Smokin Chipotle BBQ Sauce from the Three Hot Tamales.

Mad & Smokin' Chipotle BBQ Sauce

I got the bottle at the Fiery Food Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I wanted to make a simple dish that we would be able to taste the sauce in its pure form. I didn’t want to contaminate the sauce with a bunch of other ingredients. The obvious choice was chicken, plus, it was also on sale.

Mad Smelling BBQ SauceLooking at the bottle I could see all the fresh chunks in the sauce. With my mouth watering, I started to read the ingredients which are ketchup, water, onion, brown sugar, chipotle peppers, apple cider vinegar, garlic, onions, and canola oil. No, that is not a typo, onions are listed twice on the ingredient label. I actually can see why, this sauce is chunky! The first impressions when I opened the bottle were just yummmmmm! You can smell everything, the chipotles, the brown sugar, the garlic, and, of course, the onions.

Full of excitement, I poured some out. The sauce was thick and chunky, just how a barbeque sauce should be.

Spoonful of Smokin' Chipotle BBQ Sauce

It was time for the moment of truth, the taste test. Smokin Chipotle BBQ Sauce is everything I expected and then some. It was awesome! I probably could’ve eaten the whole bottle just by itself. The first thing I tasted was a smoky sweetness. Then it was followed by the garlic and then all those onions. And finally, the bit of the bang, the sauce had a little kick to it. This sauce had great, great taste and a little heat too. I gave a spoonful to my test subject, my wife, and she was pleasantly surprised as well. This sauce is defiantly a two thumbs up so far. So now it was chicken time. As I said before, I wanted to keep this simple. I just coated the bottom of the pan with the sauce, put the chicken in the pan, and just liberally coated the chicken.

Smokin' Chipotle Chicken

I wrapped the pan in foil and threw in a 360 degree the oven. I let it cook for about 45 minuets before I removed the foil and gave the chicken another coat. I threw the chicken back in the oven uncovered for another 20 minuets. While we were waiting for dinner I started to make my kitchen sink chili. I’ll talk about that later. Finally, Walla, dinner is served.

I made a side of rice to scoop up all this good sauce as well. The chicken was excellent. The sauce had brilliant flavor. My wife was also very pleased.

This sauce is a winner in my book. Three Hot Tamales – great job! Here’s what I think in a nutshell

Packaging 7/10 – I don’t put too much weight on how the label looks. The label is simple white with black and red lettering as with the rest of the Three Hot Tamale line. I think seeing all those chunks floating around in the bottle speaks for itself.

Consistency 10/10 – Thick, thick and chunky just how a barbeque sauce should be. This sauce sticks right on the chicken

Color 10/10 – Deep dark red, hence the catsup

Flavor & Taste 10/10 – Can I say more, I’m hooked

Heat 5/10 – This sauce has a little bite. If you’re looking for tongue searing heat, throw in some Death Rain Nitro.

Overall, I’m going to give it 9/10. I really like this sauce and I plan to be experimenting with it in the future. This sauce is perfect for using on chicken, beef, pork, although it might be a bit heavy for fish. I can’t wait to try this sauce on ribs! After writing this review I’m so hungry now. I should have bought some more (beer too)!

Three Hot Tamales, LLC
33 Shaw Street
Garfield, NJ 07026
Phone: 862-686-0533
Fax: 888-3-HOT-TAM




    chris k

    Nice first review there MAD, how does it feel to be famous? 🙂

    A 9 out of 10, nice, I know the Tamales with be happy with that.
    Guess we all need to buy some of this, you still have some Nick? 😉


    Nope – but you can get it directly off the Tamales website.


    Great review MAD. I’ve been toying with buying this (the wife – like everyone else’s, has kind of prohibited me from buying sauce at the moment 🙂 ) I’ll have to get some anyway!


    Mad, welcome as the newest reviewer! Your expertise will be appreciated.

    I liked the review, very well done. How was the consistency of the sauce? Looks rather thick from your spoon picture.


    Welcome and Good job on your first review. I’m looking foward to future reviews. 🙂


    Thanks for the great review Mad, looks like we owe YOU a beer now.


    Mad, you chef you. That looked good!!! Where was my dinner invitation? Just kidding. I hope you and the wife are well. By the way did the sauce carmalize on you at that temp??


    Mad, I noticed in one of the pictures that there is a block of kitchen knives within your reach. I thought they told you to stay away from those things…


    Hahahah such a suprise this mornig! You guys are great! I thought I was going to get virtual tomatoes thrown at me. The sauce was chunky, chunky chunky. You can see all the onions in it. CHEFFY! How the hell are ya? The sauce held up rather well at that temp. It didn’t loose flavor or get really crusty. I love it! Creator, Those are knives? My wife told me they were a decoration.


    Great review Mad! That sauce looks pretty awesome, I’ll have to give it a try. I think that too many consumers get brainwashed by runny Open-pit BBQ sauces – I love the chunky stuff!


    Good stuff Mad, hopefully it tastes as good as it looks. Great job on your maiden voyage of reviews, I look forward to the chili.


    This is funny, I have everyone at work printing this out and putting my all over the place.


    I don’t know Mad, I reviewed the pictures for this article. I’m not sure, but with the look on your face, I don’t think that’s chicken you’re putting in the oven. Your expression is quite Dahmer-esque.


    Hummmmm could it be Cat, maybe?????/


    BBQ Cat!!!!! Sounds like the Creator is at it again. Sorry D, but I had to say it.


    Ahhh Cheffy, your attempt at sarcasm is noted.


    [Comment ID #19502 Quote]

    Ya know, now that you mention it – that’s a pretty scary look on Mad’s face as that food’s going in the oven!


    Ok please dont associate eating cat with our sauce… although it may taste goo….. oh ewwww nevermind 🙂 xxoxo thanks Mad, lets plan that beer night


    BEER – Did someone say BEER!


    Perhaps it would taste good. Better to have that than what happended to mine!

    chris k

    [Comment ID #19518 Quote]

    Good point Lisa, 🙂
    there are plenty of other sauces out there better suited for cat, and yours isnt one of them 🙂


    But we already know that Defcon and cat go well together 😛


    WOW I hope I didn’t scare everyone away. Quiet here on the blog


    Great review and pictures. It seems like the new “Tamale” sauces are the ones to try. It’s good to see a new BBQ sauce with some chipotle flavor coming out.


    Looks good Mad! Great first review. Sounds like the sauce is one worth trying no doubt !

    chris k

    Nick, I know this is off-topic but, I love coming home to a UPS package with SNS on the return address label.

    You ROCK Nick!!! 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the super fast shipping!

    As always an excellent transaction by A 5-Star seller!
    (Yes, I know this isnt the e-bay feedback section)


    what did you get chris…. would it happen to be a hmmmm three hot “threesome” 🙂

    chris k

    [Comment ID #19540 Quote]

    I cannot confirm or deny what, if any sauces I may have received today.



    lol 🙂 your too much


    great review. I love the action pics. Can’t wait for BBQ season!


    Nice review Mad. Think I’ll have to get some when Nick gets them in again. Always wondered why mine weren’t very coated – I’ve only been putting the sauce on before putting in the oven not during as well. Silly me


    What’s that in your right hand? Doesn’t look like Guiness


    Looks like a Spaten to me but my eyes could be deceiving me

    chris k

    NOOOOOOO! No you didnt MAD. I cant believe it!

    I just re-read your review and if what you said is true, you just opened a collectible bottle my friend. 🙂

    “No, that is not a typo, onions are listed twice on the ingredient label.”

    A misprint on the first bottles? Im NOT going to open mine. If they fix that on the next batch, these will be even more valuable 🙂


    hey I never even realized that…. now.. was that a marketing ploy…. ha ha Ill never tell 🙂

    chris k

    [Comment ID #19569 Quote]

    either way Lisa, I cannot open mine 🙂


    There is a reason onions are listed twice on the label. No misprint. Sorry fellows.

    Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH MAD!!!!! You rock! And, I must admit dinner looked awesome! And we really do have to have a beer and a shot together. I mean come on, what’s a beer wihtout a shot of Jack?


    I think my favorite picture is the one of him smelling the sauce. Good effect, good facial expressions! Your awesome Mad, Thanks again. So will you be needing another mislabled bottle now?


    [Comment ID #19575 Quote]
    Yea, I think that is a great facial expression. All I can think of is Mike Myers as Dr. Evil! LOL Maybe it is meat of a feline! LOL 😉

    chris k

    [Comment ID #19574 Quote]

    Dont leave us in suspense Jodie, what is the reason? 😉


    No No No Jodie, they must never know if it was an error or if it was meant to be that way… leave it mysteriously a pondering question in the minds of these great collectors… eewww.. who said that 🙂 lol

    chris k

    Lisa, I really doesnt matter how or why. If the label does change in the future, these bottles with be worth more. Either way, its not worth opening.
    Sorry, I mean it is (worth opening) for the sauce, just not for the value of the bottle 🙂


    [Comment ID #19580 Quote]
    I will never tell!


    Good Girl 🙂 xox


    Ok girls, one burbon, one shot, and one beer, – and some onions (with sauce)


    Hey sounds good to me! Let me know the time and place and I am so there!


    your call


    Mad, are you going to defcon day?


    I was thinking that this BBQ sauce might be good on grilled shrimp, especially with all the onions. Might also be a good sauce to put on pork carnitas.


    this sauce is pretty versatile, its sweet with a lil smoky flavor, not too much heat, my 3 year old likes it with tortilla chips 🙂


    [Comment ID #19829 Quote]
    I think Krisit eats it with Oreos or maybe Yodels? 😉


    [Comment ID #19766 Quote] Well, Mad, are ya? Then we can have our one bourbob, one shot, and one beer! Sound good to you?

    chris k

    [Comment ID #19540 Quote]

    [Comment ID #19547 Quote]

    Lisa, I said I couldnt confirm or deny what was in my package yesterday.
    But the little brown truck guy left another package for me today (Thanks again Nick!)
    I will say that today I did get some of your wonderful sauce. 😉


    [Comment ID #19841 Quote]

    As with most of us I can bet the delivery guy knows just where we live! Got two today and I am expecting more stuff. Even my after death from you lol Why is it taking so long! 🙂


    Yeahhy Chris, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

    chris k

    [Comment ID #19851 Quote]

    Lisa, I will see. I hear this goes great on pizza. 😉


    Hey Chris, you know what everyone tells me kicks butt on pizza… the mango 🙂

    chris k

    [Comment ID #19861 Quote]

    I have that one to. What do I do?
    Ok, order 2 pizzas 🙂


    [Comment ID #19836 Quote]

    I’m defo going to be there! A little late but I’ll be there so don’t leave I’ll be there around 4:00. Got my threesome today!!!!


    Mad, where you been bro?


    [Comment ID #19861 Quote]

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm Mango and pizza MMMMMMMM!!!


    Hey Cheffy 🙂 yeah its yummy

    Saul McGuinness

    This dish looks great Mad Reilly. I love good wings and ribs. I recently moved to the lower east side of Manhattan. I’ve been kind of disapointed in not being able to find a few good places to get some good “Hot Wings”. So I started learning to cook my own. I found one place that was bad. It’s was on 3rd ave. The call it the Black Sheep pub. I was told this place had great hot wings and ribs. I ate half my plate and began to puke. It was so bad I ripped the bowl out the wall. I’m really into the dry rub stuff. But this looks really cool. Thanks Mad Reilly I’m cookin!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    [Comment ID #24154 Quote]

    Well your lucky Saul. Our own blogmaster Nick is a city boy. I’m sure he can point you in the right direction for spicy food in the City. Try putting a post in the “April OFF-Topic” thread.


    Hey Mad – I just noticed that the Guinness shirt you have on looks a lot like the Loco Luna corporate logo! Sweet!

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