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Big changes at MyHotSauces.Com!

Hiya folks!

Big changes here at MyHotSauces.Com! I figured I better let my customers know that as of August 1st 2006, MyHotSauces.Com L.L.C. has been changed to Monty’s Gourmet Foods L.L.C. and that as of September 5th (tomorrow) we will be taking the icy plunge into the deep and scary waters of a brick & mortar outlet store here in my home town of Ottawa, KS. We will also be changing over to a new website catalog located at, a website that is currently functional and for those of you regulars that want to, you can go to that website and get signed up there at any time. The old website will be kept functional until the end of the year, and then all access will be shut down. The URL will automatically send you to the new address after that time.

We are making these changes in order to bring to you several new lines of products that will include Wing Sauces, Steak Sauces, and a fantastic BBQ Sauce! We are also getting in TWO new hot sauces that will blow you away! On September 6th we will be getting in a shipment that will have Green Scream and Death Lizard in it. Green Scream is a green jalapeno hot sauce with chunks of onion and cilantro, and Death Lizard is a totally insane extract hot sauce that quite frankly should NOT be consumed (but I know some folks that will try anyway).

This is an official invitation to everyone to make the trip to Ottawa, KS to visit our new Gourmet Shoppe! There will be so much more here than just hot sauces! We currently have in stock not only the foods items you see on MyHotSauces.Com, but a large selection of gourmet BBQ sauces, rubs, mustards, balsamic vinegar, wing sauces, steak sauces, steak seasonings, gourmet pop, juice and water. We even have GOURMET OXYGEN! Yes, you read that right, gourmet, flavored, canned, 93% pure, oxygen.

So, make the trip to see us as soon as you can, and be prepared for the GRAND OPENING PARTY on October 14th 2006. Big BIG party plans!

Thanks for being my loyal customers, and I hope to continue bring you better and better gourmet products in the years to come!

Monty Fritts, owner
MyHotSauces.Com L.L.C.
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