Posted May 31, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Recipes

Black & Bleu Tenderloins

So this weekend I spent a lot of time working and a little time eatin’ – Not exactly my ideal holiday weekend, but I did get a lot of stuff done. I also managed to cook up the Black ‘N Bleu Tenderloins ala Dinosaur BBQ as promised.

Black and Bleu Tenderloins

One word: Orgasmic (from the wife’s mouth 🙂 )
I picked up the tenderloins from the butcher on Saturday morning. Not just any tenderloin, fillet minon tenderloins to be exact. Pretty spendy for such small pieces of meat, but well worth it. I could cut the meat with my fork it was so tender. The recipe calls for BBQ sauce, so I used the remainder from the Smokin’ Joes salmon recipe. The only other adjustment that I made was to put the bleu cheese atop my steak and then coat it with the sauce, but that was only because the wife doesn’t dig bleu cheese – either way the steaks were delicious. The sauce was just spicy enough and the blackened steaks turned out wonderful (cooked in cast iron). Try the recipe – you’ll love it! From start to finish it only took me about an hour to finish it all, that’s including the mashed potatoes.

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