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Dear ChiliPal,
Just yesterday I returned from Central America. My Journey was an amazing one for sure. I set out on a quest to find the best Chili Farm on the planet. I have returned to say:


I met a 7th Generation farmer just north of the Equator. The journey down there was long but well worth it, These photos were taken by my Driver / Translator It was amazing to meet this farmer Mr.Bonilla, His life is so pure, He wakes up with the Sun and works his farm. He knows not of the internet , cell phones, or the things most of us take for granted each day. In an odd way I found that to be so wonderfully amazing. In fact he has no address , You simply have to ask one of the locals where his farm his. He only uses a land line phone once a week in town (Population 247) to arrange for his Peppers to be picked up. So, I decided to ask him about a partnership, I agreed to purchase 92 of his 880 acres (37.23 hectares). We Will change nothing he has been doing on this amazing farm. Nothing. The money will help him purchase some needed equipment and the land cannot be sold by me for 99 years unless back to him at no profit.

In exchange for this , He will begin to grow a very specific species of Habanero for Blair’s Sauces and Snacks, as well as test new Peppers in this amazing Rich soil with Sun that pounds down so strong that the Habanero Plants you see me in front of are almost 5 feet tall when standing straight up. They bear fruit almost continuously in fact the very plants I am in front of had been picked only 5 days earlier, and as you can see are ready for more, Plus each Habanero is the size of a small melon with Flavor and heat that make my mouth water.

As a Chilihead for life I guess I can only compare this trip to a 5 year old going to Disney. The greatest place on earth. I wanted to share it with you.


Your chilipal,

**UPDATE – More Pics**

Nick Lindauer

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