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Blair’s 16 Million in the News – Again!

“We live in an extreme world,” explains Blair Lazar, a hot sauce creator. “And I make extreme foods.’ In his hands is the hottest spice in the world, an ultra-refined version of chilli powder so fiery that customers must sign a waiver absolving him of any liability if they are foolish enough to try it. Read More…

This time it’s international news from the UK.

The powder is so strong, however, that Mr Lazar estimates that it would have to be dissolved in 250,000 gallons of water before it could no longer be tasted.

See, I told you it hot. 🙂 And one more quote just to be safe:

Internet sites such as the hot sauce weblog and sweatnspice.com have been abuzz with talk about this week’s release, with many collectors planning to buy at least two bottles – one to display and the other to try.

But one chilli head who obtained an early sample dropped a single grain into a pan of tomato soup. After persuading his wife to try a spoonful, he reported that: “She threatened divorce once she could speak again.”

Gotta love that quote, even the wife laughed (yes, she’s still putting up with me). Check the article out, it’s full of interesting heat scale information and it’s a free read for now.
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This chilli is so hot, you’d have to drink 250,000 gallons of water just to put out the fire

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