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Blair's 4 AM #642

Just saw an open bottle of 4AM on ebay. It was #642. When the 4AM came out I orderd it DIRECTLY from Blairs site. My 4AM number bottle is #642!!! Also it looks like on Blairs site the pic he uses is #642 but it looks different from either of the OTHER 2 #642 4AM’s. Why is there so many of the #642??? Didnt think this was supposed to happen.

Here’s the Blair’s 4AM on ebay:

Blair's 4AM on eBay

Blair's 4AM on eBay

You can see the auction here. The numbers are a little smudged from the opening I suspect, but it certainly does look like #642. This signature and number are in gold ink. On a side note, this guy must be quite optimistic thinking he can sell an opened bottle for $1,500.

Here’s Scotts bottle #642:

Scott's 4 AM

Scott’s bottle is signed and numbered in silver ink.

And here’s bottle #642 from Blair’s site:

Blair's 4 A.M.

Now this bottle looks to be signed with gold ink – note the loop in the ‘L’ in Blair which isn’t present on the other two.

Nick Lindauer

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