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Blair’s Death Rain – Habanero

Death Rain Habanero

Bottle Description: The hottest dry spice on planet earth.

Ingredients: Red Savina, Cayenne, Garlic, Onion, Paprika, Salt, Celery Seed, Rosemary, Oregano.

Container: Nice graphics are a tradmark or all the Blair’s products and this doesn’t stray from the norm. BUT you have the chance of dousing your food or smothering it. It would be nice if there is a sifter but all you get is a gaping opening for the Death Rain to come out of. Dangerous!

Appearance: Red and brown salt sized granules.

Smell: Whoo spicy. Smells more like garlic than habaneros but I love garlic. GOOD STUFF!

Consistency: It’s a dry spice so its very possible that you get the avalanche affect where you shake the bottle just a tad and you end up drowning your food to death with Death Rain.

Taste: Salty, then garlicky THEN you get to the dry habanero and cayenne flavor. It is so damn good. SO SO GOOD!

Heat: 7.8/10 on dry food and 5.0 when you put it into something wet. When you add it to let’s say chili, its not hot at all but if you add it to a pork chop you’ll be trying to suck in air like a blowfish.

Field Test: Fantastic on anything that needs salt. Instead of salt on your eggs or fried rice, douse it with Death Rain. You get the salt you need and the habanero you want.

Final Word: This Blair’s product pisses me off sometimes. Why does it come in such a small bottle!? I want at least 8 oz. of this stuff but all it comes in is 1.5 oz. Blair you’ve got a hell of a product but I can blow through this stuff like Elton John went through coke in the 70’s.

Top Of Death Rain Habanero

Overall: 9.5/10 If you’re still reading this and NOT buying it then for God sake man get out of here. NO don’t stop to comment GO GO GO!