Posted May 16, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

Blair's Jersey Death Sauce

Annoucing Blair’s Jersey Death Sauce

Born and Bred in the Garden State – Blair’s Jersey Death Hot Sauce is making Jersey Feel Alive! Be warned this sauce contains ingredients 750 times hotter than a jalapeno chile. Use sparingly. Jersey Death should not be consumed without dilution. Made with the great Blair’s Karma.

Blair's Jersey Death Hot Sauce
Blair’s brand new hot sauce is hot hot hot! Made with the Blair’s standard of Red Habanero Pods and Cayenne Chiles, this death sauce also incorporates Pirri-Pirri Chiles and Pumpkin Seeds. This sauce is not to be used without dilution, as most death sauces are.

Now, I’m a big fan of Blair’s hot sauces overall, with Blair’s After Death being my personal favorite. When I received the shipment containing the Jersey Death I just had to open a bottle to try it out. With a consitency and coloring very similar to Mega Death Hot Sauce and a label covered in warning labels, I proceeded with caution.

** Caution **

Okay, so that was pretty hot. But once the burn wore off, there was the nice “hot sauce” high – the reason behind my madness. In the furture I won’t be using the Jersey Death Hot Sauce straight, but I will be mixing it in with some chili or coating some chicken. And don’t worry, even if your not from Jersey, you’ll still enjoy this hot sauce.

Nick Lindauer

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