Posted September 23, 2008 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

Blair’s NEW Bottles and NEW Boxes!

Dear Chilipal,

It is with the greatest Honor for me to Announce the Pre-Release Of The All New Death Sauce Line-up, New Labels, New Boxes, Ultra Death Sauce, Not to mention, This is the First Batch Of sauce that Contains Habanero and Jolokia Chilis From our Very Own Pepper Farm just North of the Equator. For the First time ever, I am offering a Mega Pre-Release Special for the Hard Core Chilihead. A First Run Set including all 9 bottles of My Kick your Ass Hot Death Sauce Line up, That I personally cooked, Bottled, Labeled, Sealed and blessed with all every ounce of Karma in my Soul.

I made a Total of 36 Pre-Production Bottles of Each sauce. I Kept and Use half a dozen of each for myself, friends and Family and I am making the remaining 30 Sets available to my Chilipals around the World. Each Label and Awesome New Box is Signed and Numbered, Plus I am adding in a Secret Special Bottle that only you will receive. So it’s Ten Bottles Total. How Much you ask??? $10,000. Per Set. Ok, Only F-in With ya. And yes, I am aware The Death Sauce Phenomenon has brought in over $12,000 for a single rare bottle. But that’s from resellers; Bless um all I say. So here’s the deal, direct from the Source (That’s Me) and Never available again, $499 Per Set, I know you say “Blair that’s only $50 Per Bottle”. Yep, So Good For you, Re-Sell um if you choose to or better yet Keep um as the rare of rarest I have ever done. Your Call, Just Enjoy um. I have so much more to share but that’s it for now. Order at

Your chilipal,
PS And Yes a Very Limited Halloween Reserve will be announced soon.

Nick Lindauer

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