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Bon Appetit Feature

Bon Appetit FeatureJust happened to pick up this month’s issue of Bon Appetit magazine yesterday. I normally steer clear of it since it’s a little too much fluff and not enough heat for my tastes, but this month is their 11th Annual Barbecue Issue.

Flipping through the magazine on a lazy Saturday and I came across the feature you see to the left, highlighting some of the award winners from this years Scovie Awards.

Chef Matt’s HOT Arizona Honey Habanero was voted Best Hot American-Style BBQ Sauce. You can get any of the Chef Matt’s BBQ Sauces from Sweat ‘N Spice. Chef Matt’s BBQ Sauces are generally sweeter then most BBQ Sauces, however, the sweetness is not over the top and evenly balances with the heat of each. The HOT Honey Habanero BBQ Sauce is not going to send your tastebuds running away in fear, it’s not that hot. ~ Just enough zing to kick start your motor.

Fallen Angel Gourmet Grilling Sauces are also available from Sweat ‘N Spice. The Fallen Angel Ginger Rum won the Scovie Award for Best Unique BBQ Sauce and the Fallen Angel Brand has won awards for their labels as well. These finishing sauces make sensational meals a snap. Simply cook your chicken (or meat of choice) and then when almost done, toss in your chosen Fallen Angel Sauce. Your done! It’s that easy ~ of course there are 100’s of other uses as well.

Not yet available from Sweat ‘N Spice, both Mac Daddy’s BBQ Sauce and Daniel’s Fire Roast Salsa also took home Scovie awards that got them into the Bon Appetit feature. One thing I noticed though is that the Daniel’s Fire Roast Salsa that’s pictured is not the salsa that’s mentioned in the awards. The Golden Roma Tomato Chipotle Salsa took home the award for Best Chipotle Salsa, yet the salsa in the picture is Daniel’s Fire Roast Hot. Either they messed up, or chose the Hot Daniels Fire Roast Salsa so that it would match the color scheme of the other bottles.

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