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Burning Asphalt Hot Sauce Co. Provides Care Packages to Deployed Troops

Forestville, NY [06/20/05] – Burning Asphalt Hot Sauce Co. of Forestville, NY has initiated their new “Sauces for Soldiers” program to send care packages to deployed troops overseas. This program entails writing letters of encouragement to soldiers as well as sending specific items for care packages. Once enough items are collected, Forestville, New York Postmaster Marilyn Sticek along with her employees, help assemble the packages for shipping.

This good humanitarian deed started on a small scale 12 years ago when Postmaster Sticek and her employees began writing and shipping essential items to deployed servicemen. When asked what the troops are in need of, Postmaster Sticek says, “Junk food, books, and toiletries seem to be what they miss and request most often.”

Burning Asphalt Hot Sauce Company’s President, Jeffrey Furash, heard about what these postal employees had been doing and decided to join the effort. The company had received many requests from soldiers for their hot sauces, salsas, and bar-b-que sauces. Most of the requests were orders through their website at www.burningasphalt.com. “We decided to ship our Burning Asphalt sauces in bulk at no charge to the troops. The dedicated Forestville postal employees determine where the care packages will be shipped to. We are very proud of being able to contribute to this great program. We will see to it that every food product we produce, including our signature hot sauces, will end up in the hands of these brave, deserving troops,” states Jeffrey Furash, President of the company.

This is a totally self-sufficient program with all shipping expenses paid for by the employees of the Forestville Post Office. The effort was brought about through the desire to provide support and recognition of the immense dedication and commitment of soldiers.

“This is the kind of project we love to embrace,” said Mr. Furash. “Providing troops a little taste of home and words of encouragement is a great way to show our support and gratitude for everything they do,” he says.

For additional information or questions on this great effort, please visit www.BurningAsphalt.com.

Nick Lindauer

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