Posted August 1, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

Burrito Sabotage

Ah, yet another funny hot sauce story – funny cause it didn’t happen to me. Probably not as funny to the wife – actually, definately not as funny to her.

I started the morning with painting the office and took a break at lunch time to make myself a burrito. A little chicken, rice & beans plus my special 3 A.M. Cholula – all wrapped into a flour tortilla.

I got about half way through the burrito when I discovered a fold in the tortilla that was acting like an empty air pocket. So I dumped a bunch of 3 A.M. Cholula into it and ate some more – the air pocket was serving as perfect vehicle for getting the 3 A.M. Cholula to my mouth – I guess I could have put the bottle straight to my lips for the same effect – but this was much more fun.

Then I sat the 1/4 remaining of the burrito down again – actually stood it on end and put more 3 A.M. Cholula on it – at this point the plate was covered, the burrito was covered and my napkin was a disaster. So it should have been perfectly clear to the wife that the burrito was not something she should eat.

But, I had to get up and answer the phone and left the burrito unattended. I returned to find the wife coughing and trying to guzzle down water. Apparently she had decided that since I had walked away, the burrito was free game and took a large bite. I glanced at the burrito and it looked like she ended up eating the part of the burrito with the air pocket- meaning she got the remainder of the 3 A.M. cholula with a little bit of tortilla and that’s about it.

I couldn’t stop laughing, especially after her face turned bright red and she was digging in the freezer for ice cream. About 10 minutes later she could speak again.

“You sabotaged that burrito!”

Well, it wasn’t sabotaged intentionally but she’ll definately not touch my food for a while.

All in a days food…

Nick Lindauer

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