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Cackalacky Declared “The Un-Hot Sauce”

Say Goodbye to Ordinary Sauces, Condiment Manufacturer Says

CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA – In an effort to help articulate how their customers differentiate their flagship Spice Sauce flavor from other category leaders, The Cackalacky Classic Condiment Company’s has officially rolled out its “Un-Hot Sauce” marketing campaign.

According to the company’s president, H. Page Skelton, Cackalacky’s original Spice Sauce flavor is been quietly succeeding in the condiment market place while countless others fail. He attributes this phenomenal success to Cackalacky’s “first-in-category” brand position as well as the common customer perception that his company’s Spice Sauce zest is more than just a hot sauce. According to Skelton, many people view Cackalacky’s tangy and mellow zest as a necessity for their dinner table – just like salt and pepper.

The company reports that they have been using the “Un-Hot Sauce” tagline in interstate commerce for quite sometime. And, according to Skelton, the new marketing campaign just makes it official. Like the saying goes, Skelton said, Marketing is an ear not a mouth. And our customers have been telling us all along that Cackalacky isn’t a hot sauce. And we know it. That’s why we call our main flavor Spice Sauce. But, there is something fundamentally bigger going on here… he added. Our customers are telling us no, shouting – that they recognize that Cackalacky is more than a category leader. It is the category! And our “Un-Hot Sauce” slogan just articulates this position more clearly for our Cackalacky newcomers.

Cackalacky’s unique – all-natural – flavor niche has also allowed the company to compete in other oversaturated condiment categories, such as ketchup and mustard, as well. Skelton noted with a hint of irony that Just by being different, Cackalacky is able to help our customers say goodbye to ordinary sauces, ketchups, and mustards all at the same time.

Proof that Cackalacky’s unique brand strategy is succeeding can be found in their sales record. In spite of the fact that Skelton prefers Cackalacky to be viewed as a “local company” for folks in the Carolinas (Cackalacky is his family’s nickname for the Carolinas), his company’s products have become great sellers for some of the nation’s largest specialty sauce wholesalers and retailers like and, as well as major industry players like Cracker Barrel Country Stores, Army & Air Force Exchanges, Whole Foods Markets, and Earth Fare Grocers.

Cackalacky Spice Sauce isn’t anything like the cheap stuff they crank out down in Louisiana. Skelton said. And, it sure isn’t gimmicky, like Sauce of Death and Insanity, or whatever they call that rubbish. We’re not in the rubbish market. We’re in the Cackalacky market. And what is Cackalacky? It’s the world’s first, original, best and only Un-Hot Sauce! What do you do with Cackalacky? You put it on your burgers, dogs, beans, barbecue and beyond! What does Cackalacky do for you? It makes your mouth water. And that’s really all you need to know.

Nick Lindauer

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