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Cackalacky Gear Merchandising Program a Success


CHAPEL HILL, NC – The Cackalacky Classic Condiment Company announced that its revenues are up significantly due to the success of its “Cackalacky Gear” merchandising program.

According to Cackalacky’s president, H. Page Skelton, the company’s merchandising sales “tipped” to nearly twice their gross annual gains during the 2005 fiscal year.

The Cackalacky Classic Condiment Company derives its corporate moniker from a family nickname (pronounce “kak-a-lak-ee”) for the Carolinas. And, according to the company, who also owns the trademark rights to the name, their moniker has an innate marketability – even without their “award winning all-natural sauce flavor.” “People just love to say ‘Cackalacky!” Skelton said.

In previous years, the Chapel Hill sauce company had relegated their Cackalacky-branded hats, shirts, aprons, tote bags, and bumper stickers sales as revenue loss leaders – taking a back seat to their first-in-category spiced condiments. Then, last year, the company decided to conduct a local retail “pilot partnership” with A Southern Season, Chapel Hill’s “landmark gourmet store.” And, according to Skelton, “Everything started to sell like hotcakes! And now, we can’t restock our inventory fast enough.”

More interestingly, though, Cackalacky’s local sales success seems to have triggered residual national sales interest. According to Skelton, because folks in the Chapel Hill-Raleigh-Durham area are a “well-traveled and affluent crowd,” Cackalacky-branded gear and sauce orders come in from all over the country. “We’ve started getting calls from some very big names. We even have a picture of a Cackalacky bumper sticker on the back of a limousine in Manhattan! It’s crazy. Our success is ultimate proof that the key to global marketing is through strong local grassroots support.”

Cackalacky also reports that they are currently “having a quiet discussion” with a major restaurant conglomerate to roll out their “Cacklalacky Place” culinary destination. Skelton said that “The concept promises to invite people to join our Cackalacky Culture and reward them with the ultimate Cackalacky experience. But, even then,” Skelton admits, “we’ll continue to rely on our local extra-Cackalacky supporters as strategic marketing partners. You never forget the people that got you there.”

In addition to A Southern Season, Weaver Street Markets, and Cliff’s Famous Meat Market in Chapel Hill, Cackalacky Classic Condiments are also available at all Earth Fare, Whole Foods, Cracker Barrel Country Stores throughout the Triangle.

Cackalacky Classic Condiment Company is a privately owned company. To learn more about the company log onto www.SpiceSauce.com

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