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CaJohn’s Collectibles for Sale

Several CaJohn’s collectibles are being offered up by a collector, take a look at the bottles below and if you are interested, drop me an email and I’ll put you in touch.

CaJohn's Collectibles
Chili Rojo (Red)
Chili Verde (Green)
Chili Infused Olive Oil (Self explanitroy)
All Signed By CaJohn
$60.00 each or $140 for the trio.

CaJohn's Collectibles
Goddess of Fire signed $30.00
Fatalli Goddess signed $150.00
Pair for $170.00

More Collectible Bottles Below

CaJohn's Collectibles
Smokehouse Chipotle Log Cabins 5 available.
Bottle on far left (small flaw in glass) black signature $20.00
Second from left gold signature $40.00
Third from left gold signature Wax dipped top $50.00
Bottle on far right and 5th (not pictured) bottle both are same with Black signature $30.00 each.

CaJohn's Collectibles
Light you up signed $100.00
Flaming”O” $100.00

CaJohn's Collectibles
Lave domes trio $125

CaJohn's Collectibles
Excalibur signed $ 85.00

CaJohn's Collectibles
Lady Liberty #1 of 2001 and Maroon Lave dome signed $450.00/pr OBO within reason.

CaJohn's Collectibles
CaJohn’s “THE LEGEND” all 5 versions
2002 hexagonal bottle and round bottle style never numbered, 2003 #40, 2004 #40, 2005 #40
All Cedar cases and bottles signed. Mint condition. $150 for all 5 bottles.

CaJohn's Collectibles
Vicious Viper Japanese pre production sample #1 $60.

There is also an Excalibur not listed for $75 yellow mash Black wax signed by CaJohn. All orders will have a flat rate $15.00 shipping charge tagged on to it, whether you order 1 bottle or 10 bottles it will be $15.00 shipping within United States or Canada. Send an email if you would like more information or to get ahold of one of these spectacular bottles.

Reminder: The #1 set of Step Up For Charity Reserves are now up on eBay

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