Posted October 22, 2012 by Matt in Bloggers

CaJohns El Chupacabra

El Chupacabra with pre-release label. CaJohns says their final release label will be even better; and judging by their history of classic labels, I’m certainly inclined to believe them.

Contrary to its name, this sauce DOES NOT ”suck.” And what’s more, if you love spicy mustard, then you’re in for a treat. El Chupacabra is a fiery blend of Bhut Jolokia, Scotch Bonnet, Trinidad 7 Pot, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers, carrots, onion, mustard, distilled vinegar, garlic and spices. The end result is a sauce bursting with peppers and all-natural heat, with accents of carrots and onions enhancing a pronounced mustard background. What’s more, this sauce finds that desirable balance of heat and flavor that daredevil and veteran chileheads have come to crave in searching for that next intensely flavorful spicy challenge.

And even though El Chupacabra has very noticeable mustard undertones, it is much more versatile than a typical mustard. Though it’s great on food one would normally associate with mustard such as burgers, hot dogs and sausages, it’s certainly open to experimentation, and was surprisingly good on a slice of leftover Papa John’s meatball and pepperoni pizza I had yesterday. I also expect it would be remarkable on omelets, in chili, wing or BBQ sauces, and would provide an interesting variation to tacos and burritos. El Chupacabra’s thick consistency is also a plus because it really grabs onto your food making it ideal for chips, sandwiches and other foods where a thick sauce would be more suitable. (The color and consistency are on prominent display in the pictures below.)

El Chupacabra is wonderfully vibrant and appealing in both color and consistency.

Rounding out this sauce’s attributes is the eye-catching label which is one of the coolest I’ve seen in awhile; it is both understated and menacing. No doubt, it’s a memorable label sure to become an instant classic. El Chupacabra is an all around great sauce, and another home run for CaJohns Fiery Foods. Scales can be relative, but on a five star rating scale, I would give El Chupacabra a 4½. It offers so many of the things that fire-eaters and hot sauce connoisseurs are constantly in search of: intense flavor and heat, a consistency that really stands up to food, and a striking label design any collector would love. There’s a reason that CaJohns is not only one of the spicy foods industry’s pioneers, but also one of its foremost producers, and El Chupacabra is a perfect example. (You can place an order for El Chupacabra at 1.888.703.FIRE, or browse their website at

El Chupacabra on smoked sausage. The whole front of my mouth was ablaze after this, but I can’t think of a better way to spice up a hot dog, brat or smoked sausage.


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