Posted December 12, 2005 by Anthony in Reviews

Cajun Hot Honey Mustard Pepper Sauce

Honey MustardIngredients: Select Louisiana Cayenne Peppers, vinegar, salt, mustard, honey, spices, and xantham gum.

“Smells Intense! Tastes spicy, sweet and then spicy again. It tingles the tongue for a bit and then you can taste the sweetness in the back of your throat.”

That would be the review if my fiancée wrote it. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

This Hot Mustard Sauce comes in a 5oz bottle that is pretty non descript, and being a Cajun sauce the picture of the fisherman lets you know what it would be good on. The one thing that perplexes me though is that you never really know who makes this sauce. It tells you who it is manufactured for but it never gives itself an identity. If you need more information on the place that “Manufactures” this you can visit their web-site www.cajunfood.tv.

I brought out the standard hot sauce initiating tools, a knife to open the seal, breadsticks and some cheese. Cut the seal off, twist the cap, and take a deep inhale. The smell is intense and makes your mouth water. As intense as it is, it still has a very mellow aroma. Pleasing actually.

Pouring out this sauce was no easy task. It has one of those cap things in it to slow the pour so I really had to shake it to get some of the sauce out. Surprising that it still was tough as this sauce is quite runny. The appearance is a nice orange without any detectable particles of peppers or spices in it.

Honey Mustard on Bread

First taste on the breadstick was great. A sweet mustard sauce that has some bite. Tingles your tongue for a bit and then finishes off with some more sweetness. The next night was the test with a New York Striploin. I prepared the steak, sautéed some onions and dashed some Hot Mustard Sauce on top. That was the last I saw and tasted of the sauce. I couldn’t discern it from the rest of the food. Perhaps that wasn’t the best dish to try it with. But I gave it a go on a hot dog. This is where the sauce shined. It was a pleasant change to regular mustard and added some zip to the dog. This sauce is good but you have to choose the food carefully. My suggestions are: fish, rice, hamburgers, or hot dogs.

If you are a fan of Hot Mustard Sauce or Honey Mustard Sauces I would say give it a try. It has great taste, just a touch of heat and adds a good change up to the other mustards on the market.

Packaging 2/10
Aroma 8/10
Appearance 5/10
Taste 7/10
Heat 3/10

Overall 6/10

Manufactured by:
Chedville’s Cajun Food, LLC