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Capsicana – Hot Bhut Jolokia Chilli Sauce

Good morrow chilli heads. Scooby here with another sauce to titillate the taste buds of all you fellow chilli craving lunatics. Today’s sauce is Hot Bhut Jolokia from Capsicana Chilli Co Ltd which looks to be their hottest sauce on the shelf with a given rating on the bottle of 5++.

Capsicana Hot Bhut JolokiaWe have got a good sized 150ml bottle which looks pretty damn sexy with its black label and sealed top and a very stylish font being used and great rich red band that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The sauce itself is a nice mix of slightly pulpy, but at the same time fairly easy to pour. It has a just off red colour with a touch of orange, and you can see the odd spec of chilli and seed rambling inside the bottle.

But one thing I love about this sauce is the smell. I’ve found at times that some chilli sauces can give a sometimes overpowering aroma of fresh chilli, but not always a nice one. This being a hot sauce with fresh chilli, I am surprised that it smells quite tame. I’ve got a feeling that this is a bit misleading though!, after all it is called Hot Bhut Jolokia sauce. We all know Bhut’s are hot but to put in the title???? Their second hottest sauce is just called Bhut Jolokia sauce. Scared now.


Chillies (including 4.5% Bhut Jolokia) (43.5%), Water, Barley malt vinegar, Spices (including mustard), Salt, Cornflour, Stabiliser, Xanthan gum.

Bottle kindly supplied by Capsicana

Spoon out so off we go.

Immediately I get a rich fruity flavour and a pretty mild tingle on the tongue. It’s a beautiful flavour but low heat so I tip another spoonful out, but just as I put the spoon to mouth it feels as though someone is fanning the flames of a fire just started in my mouth. The heat is increasing at a fairly rapid rate and for a non extract sauce it is pretty damn impressive on both heat and flavour. With a mild aroma, and low heat initially I could have quite easily blown me balls off if I had taken the second spoon. Damn you Capsicana, that is some good sauce and it’s pretty awesome how it works with the impressive build up of heat.

When this kicks, it kicks. Its one of these rare sauces that I can see being used in pretty much anything at the dinner table. I can see it working really well on top of cheese on toast, in a pasta dish, as a dipping sauce, as a marinade. The list is pretty endless, and the beauty is that you wont need a load of it to get the flavour and heat. All you need to do is wait 15 seconds before the full package arrives and takes you on a roller coaster of tingling sensations.

The sauce is made in small batches and with fresh ingredients so quality and care is assured. The xanthan gum has been used in a perfect way so that you get the slight thickening of the sauce without a slimy aftertaste, Thats a win, win win scenario.

Definately look up these guys at the address above and check out some of their other products too. This is not a sauce for the pussy boy, this is man’s sauce through and through, and at £4 a bottle is not the most horrific price tag in the world. I’d prefer to see it a touch cheaper but then again this comes across to me as a kind of farmers market luxury product so maybe its just me being picky. But definitely worth a try regardless. Enjoy.

If it burns going in, It will burn coming out.

Value *******½~~

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