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Captain Spongefoot Trading Company- Sriracha Table Sauce

Siracha Table Sauce
Captain Spongefoot Trading Company- Sriracha Table Sauce

Bottle Description: Embark on a far eastern adventure with the Captain’s “Z” sauce. Legendary flavor with the mystery of the orient for buffalo wings wit extra zip just fry or bake, add sauce and shake.

Sriracha peppers, chipotle peppers, water, vinegar, clarified butter, salt, sugar, garlic, natural flavors and spices.

Container: Classy. Very restaurant appropriate. Not a lot of graphics that invoke flames or death or thankfully”¦rectal pain.

Appearance: A very uniform red/orange that is occasionally spotted with seeds and bits of chile skins.

Smell: The distinctive smell of garlic is the first smell to hit you and later the peppers. Towards the end of the smell is a biting vinegar odor.

Consistency: No complaints. The flow you’d look for. Easy without killing your food.

Taste: The chile flavor is very hidden in this sauce. Most of the time all you can taste is vinegar and some garlic. I don’t like being mean but this sauce honestly tastes like pickle juice, brine. I’m not sure what about the combination of peppers and garlic with vinegar can make this sauce very briney but it’ll make your mouth pucker. Straight from the bottle this sauce can be”¦umm not charming.

Heat: (4.2/10) A very light sauce when it comes to the heat. Softball. It is however a table sauce, so take that into account. You aren’t gonna load popular restaurant tables with Blair’s.

Field Test: The sauce fairs a lot better on food. The flavor of the peppers is drawn out a bit more with saltier foods and the brine flavor is not as overwhelming when you mix it with other flavors. I would recommend going to a fast food Chinese restaurant with this sauce. Splash this on your chowmein.

Final Word: This isn’t a delicious sauce and I’m not too sure what Captain Spongefoot is trying to do. I’m assuming they are trying to corner a market in fancy-ish table sauces, which is fine. However if they are trying to corner a market based on flavor they will be destroyed by Huy Fong Food Inc.’s Sriracha sauce which, is the mother of all Asian hot sauces. Huy Fong Food Inc.’s sauce tastes better is cheap. For flavor sake, there is absolutely no reason to switch to Captain Spongefoot’s sauce.

Overall: 4.0/10.

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