Posted April 14, 2006 by clint in Reviews

Captain Thom’s Chili Head Survival Kit – Habanero Powder

Bottle Description: For the times when it’s just not hot enough! Have you ever been to a restaurant and the hot sauce is wimpy? You have the answer.

Ingredients: none listed

Container: There’s been some flack given to Captain Thom’s but I love the container. I think it’s cool/stealth. The threading on the inside prevents the powder from going anywhere when you open it. For those that believe otherwise remember that Blair’s 16 Million Reserve is threaded the same way PLUS Captain Thom added a red rubber stopper. That powder is not going anywhere till I tell it to.

Appearance: Red and brown salt sized granules.

Smell: Nice spice! Warm habanero aroma. Someone make a candle out of this stuff. Sell it as aromatherapy.

Consistency: Spice, avalanche effect very possible. You want to tap the powder on your food not pour.

Taste: Salty, then you get to the dry habanero flavor. Tastes like Habanero Death Rain but a little saltier and a little less garlic.

Heat: 7.6/10 on dry food. A wet dish will render this stuff almost heatless. So pouring into your French onion soup is not recommended. Actually getting French onion soup is usually not recommended (I don’t like it).

Field Test: Dun dun dun dun dun! (That’s the mission impossible theme). I love this Habanero Keychain thing. I would love to bring a bottle of hot sauce everywhere I go but it’s just not convenient. I don’t want any of my sauces to end up spoiling on me. And this dry, to-go, compact powder is what I’ve needed. Plus it may be annoying or even embarrassing to company present to pull a Dave’s out my pocket. Captain Thom’s Survival Kits is pretty stealth and no one can pooh-pooh the social taboo of flaming your head at every meal.

Final Word: You can be the James Bond of the spice word with the Habanero Survival Kit. It’s just so damn useful. So Captain Thom if you’re reading this please make a Rolex watch (fake Rolex!) that sprays this stuff discreetly.

Overall: 9.8/10. Yes higher than Death Rain because I love the container. Buy some and put it in your glove box.