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Caption Contest #2 – Final Five


Caption Contest #2 Picture

Voting will remain open until Monday evening – the caption with the highest number of votes will win the Defcon Batch #2 Zero that I won after eating all those wings (you’d better treat it right!). You can read all the captions here. The runner up will recieve a $25 gift certificate to SNS – vote away! Any suspected ballot stuffing will be removed.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Comment # 16 – If you think this looks bad, you should see the other end!
    By: loco luna brian
  • Comment # 18 – I bleed capsaicin!!!
    By: jimr
  • Comment # 50 – Lucky for you, this picture is only from the waist up
    By: loco luna brian
  • Comment # 71 – Do I want them hotter? Your Damn Right I Do!!!
    By: CaJohn
  • Comment # 82
    Nick Lindauer Sat in the corner,
    Eating a Christmas pie;
    He put in his thumb,
    And pulled out a plum,
    And said,
    That wasn’t no *%$# Plum!
    By: DK
  • Comment # 86 – “A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his thumb with some Defcon 1 and a nice chianti.” – Hannibal Lindauer
    By: DK
  • Comment # 100 – God I have got to get my ears cleaned
    By: Spencer
  • Comment # 103 – No more wings? this will have to do…
    By: Ryan
  • Comment # 123 – Defcon Sauce: Chicken Wing Tested, Nick Approved
    By: VooDoo
  • Comment # 203 – After eating wings and brinking beer all day, Nick checks the wind direction before he lets one rip!
    By: eman
  • Comment # 228 – This is what happens when you go to NJ bars
    By: VooDoo
  • Comment # 363
    52 Defcon Wings $18
    9 Miller Lites $26
    Spending the night spewing red beer foam and screaming every time you shoot a pantload down your leg to win bragging rights: Priceless
    By: Lee@DC
  • Comment # 389 – There once was a man from the city
    He drank so much beer he got sh-tty
    While eating wings of DEFCON ONE
    He said help “I can’t see my thumb”
    But look at my face ain’t it pretty
    By: huvason
  • Comment # 648 – To the Johnny Cash tune: I jammed my thumb into a burning ring of fire
    By: Ryan

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