Posted October 17, 2004 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Cast vote for favorite political candidate via label on hot pepper sauce

Hot air, hot sauce – the Austin Spice Co. thought this year’s presidential candidates deserved a dose of chili pepper, and came out with labels that suit any political persuasion. The current Bush administration is taken to task with a “Where’s the WMDs?” label, with a cartoon of President Bush [related, bio] looking on in wonder as an Arab terrorist races past with a missile under his arm. “Kerry’s Flip-Flop Sauce,” decorated with sketches of a womanizing Bill Clinton and a partying Ted Kennedy, takes down the Democrats. Those who have grown disgusted with the presidential race altogether can buy “Anybody Else for President Sauce.” Each bottle is $5, plus shipping, from or 512-360-5589. How would the sauce taste with lots of baloney?

Nick Lindauer

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