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ZestFest Midwest Exhibitor List is now FINAL

Exhibitors ZestFest Midwest Booth # Company Location             1 Aimee’s Blue Ribbon Spices 407b Granville OH 2 All of Us 523, 622 Talluleh LA 3 AquaSoles by Tri Star Medical Products LLC 5...

ZestFest Midwest announcement

ZestFest Midwest gets a much-needed alliance to help power the show. You can see the full transcript of the press release here: Zestfest Midwest press FINAL zp8497586rq


First of its Kind

The New York City Hot Sauce Expo was a huge success with huge risk. There is an inherent cautiousness with a new industry show coming from a variety of people; these being organizers, vendors, media and visitors. The organizer ...
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ZestFest Miami – June 13 to 15, 2008

Big news for hot sauce lovers”¹this year, ZestFest is doubling the fun. Our first-ever ZestFest Miami will be held from June 13 to 15, 2008. If you love ZestFest Fort Worth (September 5 to 7, 2008) you won’t want to...

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ZestFest 2007 Recap

Whew – one show down and another to go (Houston Hot Sauce Festival is just around the corner). Behind the scenes at the Fiery Foods Judging I arrived in Fort Worth on Thursday to do some judging for the Fiery Foods Show a...
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ZestFest 2007 – Saturday

Pictures of everyone else on the bull can be found here, along with pictures of the entire weekend. Pepperman was the ultimate bull riding champion and Cheffy took the 2007 Zest Fest poker champion title. He faced off the final...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket

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ZestFest 2007 – Friday

Just wanted to get a few pictures up before everyone heads off to the awards dinner tonight. A list of the winners will be posted here on the HSB by tomorrow for those that cannot attend the dinner or show. Jim C. modeling vint...
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ZestFest 2007 – Thursday

After a peaceful 3 hour drive, I arrived here in Fort Worth just in time to head down to the judging for the Fiery Foods Challenge. The poor judges next to me were having one hell of a time listening to the conversations I was ...


ZestFest Hot Flash – Loco Luna Collectible

Loco Luna Gourmet Foods, makers of the Lava line of gourmet hot sauces, proudly announces its ZestFest 2007 Collectible. Available only by contacting Loco Luna via email, the ZestFest 2007 Collectible is designed to commemorate...
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ZestFest 2007 – Incoming!

Are You Ready? Ahh – how nice it is to not have to fly to the show this year. Added bonus – I can bring home more hot sauce! Leaving here in a few minutes and will be joining the troops in Dallas by about noon. Have...