Hot Sauce Collections

A small glimpse of Fred’s hot sauce collection

Fred – a longtime HSBer and close friend of ChileheadEd emailed me about a week ago – wanting to share his collection with the chileheads. With the new site, I specifically set up a category to just feature Hot Sauc...

Vote: Help My Hot Sauce Collection

[poll=14] Vote for your favorite hot sauce collection – the winner of the poll will receive a hot sauce display case with some extra goodies. Voting will remain open for 24 hours. Congratulations to Jonathan as the winner...


Dk’s Hot Sauce Collection

Here’s my entry for the contest. I just received this bottle today. Yes, I have way more bottles in my collection, but this one single bottle represents them all just fine. I’ll shut up now and just let the bottle d...

Jonathan’s Hot Sauce Collection

Kristi’s son, Jonathan, is a budding young hot sauce collector and wanted to share his collection with the HSBers. Keep up the good work Jonathan! This is my eight year old Jonathan’s collection. He just started col...


Kristi & Chris K’s Hot Sauce Collection

Ok so here are some of our bottles. Here are some of the boxes that sit in the attic because the bottles just don’t have a home. There are actually about 5 more like this but I couldnt lift these to take photos of them all.
Graham's Hot Sauce Collection
Graham's Hot Sauce Collection
Graham's Hot Sauce Collection

Graham’s Hot Sauce Collection

Previously featured here, Graham was kind enough to send in an update to his hot sauce collection. It’s seen some impressive changes, nice work Graham!

CaJohns Fiery Foods

CaJohn’s Hot Sauce Collection

Only a small part of CaJohn’s collection… And in case you were wondering what sort of case that was, it’s an old drugstore cigar case with the humidor removed.

Ethan Clapham’s Hot Sauce Collection

Another growing hot sauce collection, Ethan sent in pictures of those bottles that are in need of a display case.


Cedric Burden’s Hot Sauce Collection

Known as C-Murder in the HSB Forum, Cedric is a newbie to hot sauce collecting but has been enjoying the growth of his collection so far.

Henry Knake’s Hot Sauce Collection

We’ve seen Henry’s hot sauce collection before, but time changes everything in a hot sauce collection and he has much more to show off this time around! Many more below the fold!