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Love at First Bite

Do you remember your first time? Cause I do, distinctly. I was at a friend’s house. Things were quiet some cheese was procured from the fridge and… …a bottle of Dave’s was taken out of the fridge. Prior ...
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Dave’s Gourmet, Inc. a nine-time NASFT award winner, just closed on its purchase of fellow specialty food producer Chile Today – Hot Tamale. Chile Today is a 14 year old New Jersey company that is best known for its...

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Dave's Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce

Dave’s Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce premiered at the NYC Fancy Foods Show this summer and is just now hitting hot sauce store shelves everywhere. The cases we pre-ordered at the Fancy Foods show arrived just last week and I&...
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Dave’s Ginger Peach Hot Sauce

This bottle crossed my desk sometime ago and when I first looked at it, I couldn’t figure out why it had been sent to me – other then the old label. But then I took a look at the price tag. A mere $0.20 for a bottle...

Dave's Gourmet

Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce

Dave’s Gourmet, the maker of the well known, “Insanity Hot Sauce”, has introduced a new bottle design that lets you adjust how hot you want your sauce. With this clever new product, you can actually adjust the...
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Classic Hot Sauce Review: Dave’s Insanity Sauce

When I think of classic hot sauces, Dave’s is the first that come to my mind. Dave’s really started the cold, er, really really hot war that was the exponential growth in heat of sauces by using extracts. Dave’...

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Who is Dave?

Dave Hirschkop is the man behind Dave’s Gourmet. When you meet Dave at a trade show, don’t expect to shake his hand. This is because he’ll be wearing a straitjacket while standing before a simulated insane asy...
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Review: Dave’s Gourmet Salts

Ahhhh, I love salt. I salt everything that I can’t put hot sauce on (which isn’t much) – When I was younger I would eat salt straight from the shaker. Still do on occasion. So imagine my glee when I found I ha...

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Crazy From The Heat by Dave Hirschkop

Crazy From The Heat by Dave Hirschkop - Dave's Insanity Cookbook, The World's Hottest Recipes.
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Dave's Insanity Sauce

SAN RAFAEL — When Dave Hirschkop introduced his Insanity Sauce at the National Fiery Foods show in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the early nineties, he was kicked out. His sauce was just too hot. The 36-year-old triathlete ...