Posted April 30, 2007 by CaJohn in Makers

Caveat Emptor II Shipping this week!

After a long bout of problems with this release, we will be shipping the Caveat Emptor II bottles this week. The long production time has been an embarrassment for me, however it was mostly out of my control.
I won’t bore everyone with the details of the tribulations encountered, but will be shipping a free bottle of Sauce 10 with the units that have been on order and paid for long ago. For those who have reserved one, but have not paid, please contact us to make payment arrangements.

There are 2 different flasks in the series. All are round, but there are only 10 flasks that look exactly like the prototype pictured before the Fiery Foods Show. They have an integrated flat spot on the bottom that allows the flask to stand on it’s own. The others are completely round. I have no explanation for this other than that’s what we received in our shipment. They are spread throughout the 100 numbers in a complete random fashion,. I left the dispersal up to the engraver.

They all will be shipped with a display easel that was the brainchild of Cheffy. He called the day we got the units in and offered a great solution, thanks Craig!

The Caveats will come with a mini Light You Up bottle in one of four colors as did the first series. There are 48 of each color, and are signed and numbered. They will be random in their delivery as well.The Caveat II series did not sell out, and those who would like to purchase one of those remaining may contact us to order. Thanks for your patience!