Posted November 1, 2007 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

CayennePepperSauce.com – For Sale

This email came through a few days ago – and although the HSB has been “selected as a candidate” for the purchase of CayennePepperSauce.com, I’m gonna pass. But if anyone out there is interested – have at it.


I am Puranjay, owner of CayennePepperSauce.com. This name is for sale. We are currently contacting reputable companies that specialize in providing hot sauces. Hot Sauce Blog has been selected as one possible candidate who could benefit from the addition of highly targeted name to be used in conjunction with your current site.

Most of our clients acquire targeted names to forward to their main site.
Online visibility experts have known for years that internet users typically type in the intended “subject matter” directly into the browser eliminated the need for search engines. We understand that these are prequalified leads that visit our site with no marketing on our part!

If you could use the leads, visitors and improved online presence that CayennePepperSauce.com will bring to your company, then I can offer you this name for $188.

I have provided my contact details below so I can easily be reached.

Best Regards,
Puranjay Singh
Ph.: 1-678-779-2880
Email: admin@puranjaysingh.com
Fax.: 716-408-5512

Nick Lindauer

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