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C’est Bon Cajun Q Review

It’s that time of year again Chili Heads…. Barbeque time! Uncover the grill, get some of your favorite combustible material, and go shake hands with your local butcher because times wasting and summer is fast approaching.  It seems like every time my family comes together it’s usually around a table loaded with some of the best comfort foods available.  Today I have some family from out of state arriving and because it is pouring rain here, I am going to our counties best barbeque joint in the County of Sonoma called Busters Barbeque for some great meat. I have a new barbeque sauce that was sent to me fresh from the producer called…

C’est Bon Cajun Q
Produced by Cajun Heat
“Eat like a freak!”


This sauce is not your super hot variety but one that is described as a typical Louisiana barbeque sauce that has many different styles mixed together. It has great flavor with a slight kick. We shall see! It’s also recommended that if you want to spice it up, you can always add another one of their products to the sauce like their dry rub Voodooo Ash or by adding liquid Napalm to it. (I love the name of that sauce!)

The bbq sauce comes in a generous 16-ounce bottle and has a hilarious label to it. Especially if you like the idea of pigs waiting patiently by the smoker to be axed, cleaned and grilled. The sauce has an inviting red hue that is filled with visible spices galore. I am looking forward to trying it! In reviewing their website at I can read that they have won tons of awards for their products and have been in business for about four years. That’s pretty amazing for a relatively new company! They have two different lines of sauces and rubs called the Classic line and a novelty label line of products that look like they would be great for gifts. They also make spicy pralines that make me salivate just looking at the picture. I love spicy sweet goodness and definitely have to try some! You can also follow their exploits and new products on Facebook as well.

This sauce complimented the tri-tip well. The sauce is PACKED with flavor and not only makes a great glaze but also a dipping sauce. My family really enjoyed it. The sauce is thick and a little goes a long way.

The second thing I tried this sauce on was some left over pot roast that I used to make sandwiches. This sauce has a very tangy, spicy smell as it poured out slowly from the bottle. C’est Bon Cajun was good for this use on flavorful, sloppy sandwiches. The sauce definitely spiced up the sandwich and made the meat flavorful and much more desirable even if it was left over’s. It didn’t take much to add flavor to the pot so I was able to use it on barbeque chicken as well.  We were told that this sauce wouldn’t be a heat lover’s favorite but the heat level pleasantly surprised my wife. She found it to be spicy and brought some nice heat to the meal. I would rate this sauce on a heat scale of 1 to 10 at about a four.  I found it to be more flavor then heat. It also can be appreciated better when this sauce is poured out and used as a glaze as well. There are lots of bits of seasoning and pepper visible in the sauce and it stuck nicely to the chicken as I grilled.

So all in all, this sauce surprised me. It had a bold, mild heat flavor that was good with both beef and chicken. This sauce brand new to the market and so I am interested to see how the public receives it. The next thing I am going to try it on is pork. I know it will compliment that well. This sauce should definitely stand out on the shelf. The label is creative and amusing so this not only would make a great addition to anyone’s pantry but would also make a great gift. If you order on Friday April 27th there will be a 35% discount! Just got to the website and enter the coupon code Cajun-Q to receive it. Good luck!

So all of you have a wonderful spring and start cooking. Lets hear about your culinary exploits and your favorite recipes! Most of all, keep it hot and keep it spicy…ENJOY!

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