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My advice to anyone suffering ailments of any kind has been to ingest natural capsiacin sources. The capsiacin source has to be “just over your nominal pain threshold” in order to work. If it is not painful enough your body will fail to produce the needed natural steamroller of hormonal and antibody defense antigens. When you ingest a host of natural capsiacin, it inflicts pain a) during ingestion; 2) as it passes through the gastronomical system and c) when it passes as a waste product.

The degree of pain can be measured in Scoville units regarding the vegetable peppers: Bells (0 units); Cherry, New Mexico (500u); Acho, Pasilla (1,500u); Jalapeno (5,000u); Cayenne, Serrano, Tabasco (50,000u); Thai (100,000u) and finally the Habenero (300,000u). Apparently a cross-hybrid version called the Red Sorvino Habenero has been reported at 500,000u!

Upon ingestion the mouth and throat burn. The heartbeat kicks up a notch, sweat glands flood. Your body is registering an attack. Your body scrambles for fight or flight. If you continue in a sustained ingestion (well over your pain threshold) the body begins to flood with hormonal endorphin pain killers (which create the euphoric “high” enjoyed by regular mouth surfers). The immune system kicks in and the white blood cell count rises along with genetic antibody cells.

As this hell train passes through your gastronomic system it attacks anything foriegn and, in my words, anything that can get out of your body, will get out…and often in the passing of a diarrheal form of capsiacin magma laden acid. HEY! I never said it was pretty! But then, as in the Poltergeist flick, you can confidently say, “I pronounce this house clean!”

Works great if you go to this Defcon defense immediately (or within 6 hours) after you feel “something viral” jump you. But be careful and note your physicians restrictions for capsiacin!

Nick Lindauer

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