Posted April 14, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Reviews

Chile Beer Revisted

Yes, I’m still thinking about Chile Beer. And I’m still trying to find one in the stores around NYC. No luck yet, so I’ve decided to look into how to make Chile Beer.

I came across this site, which seems to focus more on the artwork of the beer labels then the beer itself, but it did provide some insight into the chile beer creation process. Here is a recipe entitled Mole Beer.

According to Mark:

“To make your own Chile beer, take any whole dried Chile pod and a mass-market beer with a screw-top bottle; open the beer, put about a 2-inch piece of the Chile in it, close, and let sit a day or two. Really improves the taste of those bland mega-brews, don’t it!”

Good idea, I think I’ll actually buy a bottle of bud and try that idea out with some peppers. Maybe serranos. MMMmmm beer.

Nick Lindauer

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