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Chile Pepper Magazine Has Come Back to Life

Chile Pepper MagazineChile Pepper Magazine has had a long, hallowed, and sometimes rocky history over the years. There have been points where it’s seemed like it’s gotten off focus, and was even declared dead for a short span of time. This was in part due to changing ownership and management a handful of times since Dave DeWitt, Nancy Gerlach and publisher Robert Spiegel originally launched the periodical in 1988.

While it appeared that Chile Pepper had its inevitable demise back around 2010, I’m happy to report that for over a year McMillen Communications/McAby Media LLC was able to bring the magazine back from the dead, but perhaps have created the best ever version of itself.

Yes, in the interest of full disclosure, I am currently a regular columnist of Chile Pepper, but I am not being compensated in any way, shape or form for stating any of this; they are exclusively my own opinions, and I speak only as a fan of spicy foods.

The print magazine has certainly turned itself around both…

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