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ChileFoundry Newsletter – News and Articles from July 2012

Lots of news this month with the West Dean Chilli Fiesta having to move to the 25-27th August, which is also the same weekend as the Bennington Lordship Chilli Festival and The Frosts Garden Centre Chilli Festival it is going to be a very busy weekend.

But starting this month we have the Great Dorset Chilli Festival which we are looking forward to and then Sea Sping Seeds Open Day, The Great Tomato & Chilli Mini Fest and Ryton Gardens Chilli Day.

It is looking like a very busy August in the UK if the rain holds out, and I think the Olympics is also happening in the UK.

News & Info (in order of appearance)South Devon Chilli Farm - Ring Of Fire

Reviews (in order of appearance)Mic's Chilli Inferno Jnr

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