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Chilli Alchemy – Red Onion & Chipotle Chutney

In the thesaurus, the word ‘Alchemy’ means the transformation of base metals into gold, this term can be transferred into the culinary world quite easily, and here we have Chilli Alchemy with their Red Onion & Chipotle Chutney. Alex and Jenny run Chilli Alchemy and they have a growing range.

Chilli Alchemy Red Onion Chipotle ChutneyNow I am very partial to an Onion Chutney, great with cheese and cold meats etc so how will this one hold up?

The labeling is simple and basic, but also clear and concise. It does the job, my only criticism would be that the company name wording is quite small so isn’t immediately obvious from a branding point of view.

So how does it taste? Once the lid is removed I get a nice aroma of the smoky chipotle and the balsamic vinegar. The onion pieces are a decent size and a nice deep brown colour. It’s clear they have soaked up the main flavours.

All too often, onion chutneys and relishes end up being pieces of onion and some very thin vinegary liquid. But I’m pleased to say that this is not the case, the mixture has been reduced to an ideal consistancy which will enable a spoonful to stay on top of a piece of cheese without becoming a mess in your lap!

So out with the spoon and I can see what I assume are pieces of chipotle pods and the odd chilli seed in amongst the red onion mix. The onion still has good texture, nicely softened and sweet but still retaining enough texture for a little crunch as it is chewed.

Another common problem with onion chutneys is that they can be overly vinegary, and again I’m pleased to see that isn’t a problem here either, whether it’s the use of Balsamic vinegar or the strong chipotle influence or both, it works to allow the red onion flavour through.


Red Onions, Red Wine, Sugar, Chipotle (3%), Balsamic Vinegar, White Wine Vinegar, White Wine Vinegar, Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Black Pepper

Jar kindly supplied by Chilli Alchemy

The onion flavour is not overpowering and the chipotle chilli gives a nice heat, actually hotter than I was expecting but that is a good thing! This is a chutney which will suit anyone who likes a gentle chilli kick, there is a lasting taste of chilli, but it is well balanced.

Overall this is a very accomplished product from a small producer, and nice to see there are no artificial additives.

Their products will be stocked at Chilli Bugs via their website and on Ebay, Chilli Alchemy will be listing on Ebay very soon.

In the meantime you can contact them on Twitter @chillialchemist or email them at

The 110g jar sells for £2.55 and there is a 220g jar for £4.00.

Value *******~~~

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