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Chilli Devil – Plum Port and Habanero Sauce

Chiili Devil - Plum Port and Habanero SauceFrom sunny Yorkshire (well it’s sunny some of the time) comes this relatively new producer, Chilli Devil with a sweet chilli sauce called Plum Port and Habanero. The label, with a great big red chilli complete with face, goatie beard and pitch fork, claims the contents are an enticing blend of plums and port, which is unsurprising given the product’s title.

The sauce is a dark reddy brown colour with plenty of chilli bits visible in it as the contents settle back down after a shaking. It’s quite a thick gloopy consistency mostly due to a high sugar content, so pours well from the generously sized 227ml bottle, with no fears of spilling this one.

Ingredients: Plums, Sugar, Water, Port, Balsamic vinegar, Habanero Chillies, Garlic and Salt.

Bottle kindly provided by Chilli Devil Sauces

After removing the lid, the plum aromas are quite prominent, it definitely smells very fruity, if a little lacking in heat provoking tangs. It sits on the spoon quite innocently, begging you to take a hit for the team.

First impressions are the sauce is super sweet, almost jam like, in fact it would be quite plausible to put this on your breakfast toast. There’s plenty of generous plum flavours that come through, but that distinctive port taste is a little more elusive, as is the Habanero kick – there’s very little heat here to tickle the taste buds so the chilli content must be fairly low.

As it’s quite thick, it does work nicely as a dipper, but most chilli heads are going to find this a touch on the mild side. If you like a little less heat on your tortillas mind, this will work a treat for those with a sweet tooth especially at £3.99 a pop.


Value *******~~~
Overall *******~~~

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