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Chilli Pepper Company – Hot Summer Chilli Sauce

In the year since I’ve been part of the reviewing team at the ChileFoundry, one of the names that has struck fear into my mouth with his potent products is Ged Fowler. Well known in chilli circles, Ged has brought us some cracking sauces such as Heart Throb and 15 minute burn so when I was sent a bottle of a new addition to the Chilli Pepper Company product range, I was keen to sample what creation he’d come up with this time.

The bottle certainly has an eye catching design, with a distinctive devil motif that appears on many of their range of new sauces. Removing the cap and inhaling I can detect the sweet aroma of roasted onions and peppers and hints of the sunflower oil too. The sauce is quite smooth looking with and is a rich carrot orange colour. There’s a slight glossy sheen from surface which I presume comes from the sunflower oil therein and I can also see some tiny flecks of black pepper and bits of garlic within it.

Ingredients: Onion, fresh chilli, vinegar, water, sunflower oil, garlic, herbs, salt

Bottle kindly supplied by The Chilli Pepper Company

It’s quite a thick sauce and flows out of the bottle quite slowly as I try to get some onto my spoon to sample it. The sauce tastes nice and is full of flavour with the onion and garlic flavours balancing nicely. What I find however that makes this sauce distinguishable is the freshness of the taste. It’s strange to get such a quality of taste from a bottled sauce, but I’m almost reminded of the freshness of a Gazpacho (the tomato based Italian vegetable soup) as I try it.

Obviously the chilli peppers & onions used don’t give this the core tomato taste of a Gazpacho but somehow Ged has managed to capture the refreshing qualities of a Gazpacho in a bottled chilli sauce. The labelling doesn’t indicate what chillies have been used in the creation of the sauce so it looks like Ged, in a Colonel Sanders like move, is keeping this secret blend of chilli peppers under wraps. Whatever it is though, it tastes great and is spoon licking good!

I could see this sauce making a perfect accompaniment to many a pasta, tapas or a stir fried prawn dishes.

Whilst for some this sauce this sauce may not deliver the heat they require (there only a low build of warmth to it), it’s definitely worth a try if you like your sauces simple but packed full of flavour.

Available from the Chilli Pepper Company website for £4 a 140ml bottle


Value *******~~~



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