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Chilli Pepper Pete – Vindaloo Mix

Chilli Pepper Pete - Vindaloo MixThis review is a little tricky for me to do, why you ask? Mainly because I made the mistake of opening the pack before being ready to review! They were gone in about 30 minutes with a pint of lager and the packaging went in the bin before I could take down all the detail!

This is basically standard Bombay mix with all the usual crunchy ingredients but with the addition of a generous sprinkling of Naga powder to push things that little bit further.

Ingredients for standard Bombay mix: Fried lentils, Peanuts, Chickpeas, Flour Noodles, Corn, Vegetable Oil, Flaked Rice, Fried Onion, Curry leaves….. and then the addition of a load of Naga Powder!

Bag kindly supplied by Chilli Pepper Pete

I am a big fan of Bombay Mix in its normal form, it’s very moreish and the addition of Naga powder just makes them perfect for munching with beer, on the sofa watching Top Gear!

My only criticism is that the pack is just too damn small! 100g is never going to satisfy a Chillihead.

At £2.00 a bag they are good value but be aware, they will be gone in no time.


Value ********~~

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