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Chilliqueen Ketchup – Sweet Chilli Ketchup

Chilliqueen - Sweet Chilli KetchupHey hey hey!!!!!!! Going to do a review today but fear I’ll struggle a bit. Not because it’s a blow your head off sauce and not because it tastes bad. But because I decided to open it the other weekend and enjoyed it so much that the jar is empty. So I am going to attempt a review today from partial memory (My brain is shot to bits anyway), as well as scraping the remains out of the bottle with the most fitting piece of cutlery I can find in the kitchen at the time.

The sauce today is…………… Chilliqueen Ketchup. Sweet Chilli Ketchup. I have had a number of their products in the past and its nice to pick up a bottle of a product without the fear of jonny cash paying a visit a few hours later. Previous products have had a great mix of heat and flavour and stand by their claim of using chilli as a subtle form of heat and flavouring. Well as I was having a bbq I had to crack this open. I’m sure that all you meat eaters out there agree, you can’t have a barby without ketchup, or chilli. And when you have them in the same bottle its win win.

The bottle is nice and chunky with what I like to call organic labelling. Bit of fruit and veg to show your product off can look dull at times but Chilliqueen make it work wonders. The sauce however looks not like a typical ketchup red. More orange than red, a kind of dark carrot colour to it. Looking textured with a slight pulpy look to it. Looking interesting so far.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Sugar, Malt Vinegar, Water, Tomato Puree, Cornflour, Salt, Dijon Mustard, Chilli (0.4%), Ground Celery Seeds, Allspice.

Mustard??? Shudder lol Not a lover. But come on its in a sauce so hopefully I wont notice it. Lets give it a try (Again).

Despite is texture this is a good pourer. Not fast but not slow. It glides out of the bottle and you luckily do not have to slap ten shades of crap out of bottle like you do with another brand of ketchup. You know the brand, I shall call it Breinz ketchup for now to prevent any brands complaining. Used to hate having to slap the bottle or dig your knife in to it. Mind you I am digging this out with a knife right now as the bottle is bleeding empty because I got carried away eating it.

The heat on this sauce is right on the money. You can feel it tingling away and you cannot stop eating it. I found myself putting more and more down the hatch in each mouthful every single time I had this. This tingling is complimented beautifully by the tomato flavour. There is an ever so slight vinegar hint to this sauce which it knocks it back on my overall score but on a very very small level. Probably me just being a bit anal but on the whole this ketchup is awesome. Without a doubt this is one of my favourite ketchups. I feel quite privileged at the moment as I have had a string of products scoring well. The boss must be happy otherwise he’d send me some awful shite. So keep it coming Hot Juan.

At £3.50 this is not a bad price for what you get really. Don’t be fooled into paying less for any Breinz chilli ketchup. This is the real deal. Check it out at

So remember, if it burns going in, it will burn coming out. Don’t worry though this wont do that lol Its designed for purpose and its purpose is to enjoy!!!!



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