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Cholula Chili Garlic Hot Sauce

Cholula Chili Garlic Hot Sauce for Breakfast

[tag]Cholula[/tag] [tag]Hot Sauce[/tag] has been a long time favorite of mine and like most chileheads Cholula Pizza is one of my favorite hangover meals. Not to mention it’s the prefered sauce of the acclaimed Buritto Blog. So the first chance I had, I whipped up an egg sandwich and gave Cholula w/ Garlic a whirl.

Not too bad, not bad at all. In fact the manufacturers of Cholula better start offering this in larger sizes, I burnt through a whole 5 oz bottle in one day.

Cholula Egg Sandwich

After properly destroying my breakfast sandwich, I started hitting the sauce straight out of the bottle. No kidding, I was drinking it straight, trying to determine how different it tasted from Original Cholula. Good news is that it’s not that much different, only the garlic seperates the two in the flavor showdown. Bad news is that after drinking the bottle, I still wanted more.
Though Original Cholula continues to hold a place in my “staple sauces” section – Cholula Chili Garlic is quite tasty, same great Cholula taste but with garlic.

Nick Lindauer

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