Posted January 22, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Reviews

Coco Loco Hot Sauce

Coco Loco Hot Sauce
Count Chocula in a bottle of Hot Sauce

In addition to the Fatalli powder, fatalliman from the Hot Pepper Forum also sent me a bottle of his own Coco Loco Chocolate Habanero Sauce – made from Chocolate Habs and not much else.

But that’s the beauty of this hot sauce, the simplicity allows the chocolate flavor to come through along with the essential habanero heat. The chocolately flavor is not one I’ve had in other sauces before – some try, but the Chocolate Hab is a pretty delicate ingredient. It’s slightly sweet, with a mellow chocolate overtone & the fiery heat of a handful of habaneros. Delicious!

If Fatalliman ever goes into mass production with this sauce, I think he should keep the label just the same – the handwritten label really stands out on the shelf.

Nick Lindauer

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