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Collector’s Bottles @ the 2007 Fiery Foods Show

Just like the list I put together for Zest Fest 2006, it’s time to put together a list of collectible bottles that will be available at the 2007 Fiery Foods show (3 more days!). As a collector myself, it’s been hard to keep up with what’s new in what’s hot and had to sit down and compile notes on all the bottles before putting this post together. There are over 15 special show bottles available, all especially made for the collector’s market. And there are more discounts for HSB readers then ever this year as well!

Show Special Bottles
(by price level)

    $40 and under

  • Danny Cash’s Naga Sabi Bomb & Blue NOS: $15 each – You can pick up a special signed & numbered pre-release edition at the Fiery-Foods show.
  • Defcon Zero Batch #4 Pre-Release: $25 each. These pre-release bottles will be signed & numbered and they will come with a Certificate of Authenticity”¦Suitable for framing.
  • CaJohn’s 10th Anniversary Sauce, Sauce 10: $20 each, a commemorative 375 ml bottle that will be signed and numbered. 600 available.
  • Short Bus Fiery Food Sauces: $33 per set. 24 Limited Edition sets. Each set consists of 1 bottle of Short Bus Hot Sauce “Special EDition”, 1 bottle of “Winder Repellant” and “Mac & Cheese Chipotle Hot Sauce”. All three bottles are hand signed, numbered and have been dipped in custom ordered wax for that extra added touch. See DK & Blane for your set at the show.
  • Big Dawg 2007 Fiery Food Show Collectibles: Price TBD. Kickin Hot Apple Surprise and Habanero Lime numbered 1-22
  • Fat Kids Sauces – Fiery Foods Show Collectible: $15 each, There are 24 in total, all wax dipped and hand stamped with the FKS logo in the wax. SOLD OUT
  • Big Daddy Jake’s Limited Edition: $15 for HSBers, Only 53 bottles will be available, with signed and numbered corresponding photos of Jake. Jake signed and numbered these, personally!
  • Femme Fatalii Collectibles: $20 each, Chuck will be bringing the first 2 cases of each pepper sauce and will sign and number at the show only 20 of each (BABY DOLL and The Whip) for the HSB hot sauce collectors.
  • 2006 Ultimate Blog Sauce Bottles: $10 each – all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Those bloggers that were a part of the original Ultimate Blog Sauce labels that are going to be at the 2007 Fiery Foods Show can pick up their bottles at the show.
    Misc. Items & Discounts:

  • The Real Global Warming Bumper Stickers: $1 each, available at the BLP Labels Booth.
  • Captain Thom’s NM FFS Discounts: Captain Thom’s will give a $1.00 discount on each hot sauce and/or $0.50 discount on the rubs/spice blends, to anyone who identifies themselves as a Hot Sauce Blogger.
  • Grumpy’s BBQ NM FFS Discounts: For all Bloggers. Mention HOTSAUCEBLOG.COM, and get $1.00 off the price of a bottle of Grumpy’s Private Reserve Barbeque Sauce.
  • 2007 Ultimate Blog Sauce Labels: We’ll begin signing the 2007 Labels at the show. Label signing will happen Friday night @ 8pm – meet in the lobby of the casino.
  • More Discounts: Mention the HSB to any manufacturer you speak with and ask if they have a special discount for Hot Sauce Bloggers.

  • HSB Appreciation at the Mild to Wild(R) Booth: Stop by Jim Campbell’s booth, identify yourself as an HSBer and get a free bottle of Original Finishing Sauce (milder) or Fiery Hot Habanero Sauce (fairly hot).
  • You Can’t Handle This Hot Sauce: Free from Peppers, Chip has made a special version of the sauce. Stop by the Peppers booth and tell Chip the HSB sent you along with the code word(s) “hurt me” and you’ll get a free bottle of You Can’t Handle This Hot Sauce.

Don’t forget the Fiery Foods Show Schedule to keep on the up and up with what’s happening. If I’ve missed any collectibles or if you have more information on them you would like to share, please leave a comment and share. And remember, when you are cruising the booths at the show, keep telling them the HSB sent you – you never know what sort of collectibles or new sauces you’ll stumble across!

If you are unable to attend ZF but want to lay your hands on a collectible bottle without paying through the nose, contact me. I’ll be endeavoring to hook those HSBers up that can’t make it to the show with collectibles from the show, but please make any requests early – that way I can know what I need to look for. There will be no markup on these items for HSBers.

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog