Posted March 4, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Condiment Hoarding

Alright, I admit it, I’ve hoarded condiments in the past and continue to do so now, but on an even larger scale. See my refrigerator for proof.
But it never occured to me that the hoarding that I did in highschool and college was also practiced by others. See the great condiment caper article. This article mentions a man who supposedly survived for a few days on hot sauce packets alone. While I don’t doubt that you could survive on hot sauce alone ( it does have a lot of nutritional value) – I do doubt the truth behind it. I did some extensive searching on the net and couldn’t find a single article that could validate the story. However, if anyone wants to try it – Go ahead! Try living a few days on Taco Bell Hot sauce packets alone. Let me know how it works out for you.
But back to the point of the story – Now when the wife starts shaking her head whenever I’m grabbing up condiments, I can show her proof that I’m not the only one.
And an even more valuable point of the story is the idea of carrying emergency stashes of hot sauce in your car’s glove box can prove to be a life saver. If you’ve got the room, then stash a full sized bottle of your favorite sauce, but if you don’t, try these mini hot sauces – You’ll thank me later when that drive through burrito or burger suffers from blah flavor.
Do it for your tastebuds.

Nick Lindauer

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