Posted April 19, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News


Ughhh. I hate em. People that cannot come up with their own ideas and then just blantantly copy mine.
In the last week I’ve found 2 new “hot sauce blogs” all run by competitors.
The worst are those who copy the images that I take for Sweat ‘N Spice – That’s why I had to put copyrights on each image and they still get copied! It takes more effort to copy a picture and try to cover it up then it does to take your own picture.
I put up a forum, they put up forums. I put up recipes, suddenly they have recipes up. I put up a blog, and sure enough, they’re putting up blogs.
Get real and get your own ideas.
My personal favorite is the company whose favicon now looks exactly like the one on Sweat ‘N Spice. Real original, especially since they already had a unique one up. What ever happened to developing your own brand? You sir, piss me off like no other. (yes, I know you read this blog, you copied it)

Ahh, blogs are perfect for venting.

Nick Lindauer

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